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In modern home decoration, customized wardrobe has become one of the mainstream decoration designs. Personalized personal customization conforms to the current public aesthetics in terms of storage and aesthetics. So, which brand is better for wardrobe customization? How is the wardrobe customization process? Next, Xiaobian will talk about which brand is good for wardrobe customization

1. Which brand is better for wardrobe customization?

1. Sofia

Sofia, which originated from France, entered the Chinese market in 2000 and opened the first wardrobe customization service in the domestic market. So far, Sofia is still the leading brand of wardrobe customization in China, and has become the object of imitation and learning for many enterprises. After more than ten years of operation, it has become a well-known wardrobe customization brand

2. Yadis

yadis, founded in 2002, is one of the top ten wardrobe brands in China and the leading furniture customization brand in China. Addis' innovation ability has been highly praised in the industry, and the Nordic style, Baroque style and other furniture developed and launched have achieved good sales and affirmation. The overall design style takes the route of Western exotic customs. You who like western culture can't miss it

3. Weiyi

Weiyi customization. I believe everyone has seen many of its advertisements. Weiyi customization is a design brand that specializes in customization, and brings consumers the whole process service experience from design to production, so that every customer can feel the charm of customization. As long as you want, we can customize the ideal furniture for you

II. Wardrobe customization process

1. Clarify the customization direction

consumers should not customize the wardrobe blindly. They should first determine the design location of the wardrobe, what storage functions they need, and what furniture style they like

2. Determine the brand of wardrobe customization

there are many brands of wardrobe customization in the market, and there are many fake and shoddy manufacturers under the guise of big brands. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose well-known big brands for better quality assurance. The built-in design of the wardrobe is also very diverse. It is not right to copy the photo cover and imitate others, but should be customized according to your own dressing and storage habits. Functional segmentation that meets its own requirements is the most practical

3. Door to door measurement size

once the brand and style are determined, the merchant will send staff to door to measure the size of the wardrobe. In the process of measuring the size, consumers must follow the whole process, so that there can be a benign exchange in the details, and the later quality and price disputes caused by measurement can be avoided

article summary: the above is all about which brand is good for wardrobe customization and the wardrobe customization process. Wardrobe customization can solve the problems of house type and area. When choosing a brand, it is not recommended to choose a niche brand, so the quality and after-sales maintenance cannot be guaranteed





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