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As we all know, many projects and decoration are now inseparable from Hebei grouting materials and grouting materials. For the current customer base, they are at a loss after buying

as we all know, Hebei grouting materials and grouting materials are indispensable for many projects and decoration. For the current customer group, they are at a loss after purchasing. How to use the grout correctly? What problems should be considered? How can we maximize the role of bridge grouting materials? How to ensure the construction effect of bridge grouting material? Qicheng road and Bridge grouting material manufacturer will answer for you

the grouting material manufacturer reminds everyone to pay attention when using the grouting material:

when preparing the bridge grouting material for grouting, turn on the grouting pump to discharge the slurry from the grouting pipe and remove air, water and slurry. When the fluidity of the discharged slurry is consistent with that in the mixing tank, the bridge grouting can be started. Generally, the maximum pressure of bridge grouting material should not exceed 0.6MPa. Grouting should reach the other end of the pipe full and slurry, and should reach the exhaust hole until the slurry with the same fluidity as the specified is discharged. After closing the slurry outlet, a stable period of not less than 0.5MPa should be maintained, and the stable period should not be less than 5min. For continuous beam or pressure grouting, let the water slurry suspension in the pipeline flow freely from the outlet end. Pump the slurry again until there is homogeneous slurry flowing out at the outlet end, and keep it for 5min under the pressure of 0.5MPa. This process can be maintained for 1-2 times. After the grouting of the bridge grouting material, the supplementary grouting shall be decided according to the compactness of the grouting, and the grouting hole must be completely dense. Vacuum assisted grouting process of bridge grouting material: vacuum pumping shall be carried out before grouting of bridge grouting material to stabilize the vacuum degree in the duct between -0.08~0.1mpa. After the vacuum degree is stable, the valve at the grouting end of the pipeline should be opened immediately, and the pump should be opened at the same time for continuous grouting of the bridge grouting material. Grouting sequence: first down and then up. Grouting of the same pipe is carried out continuously and completed at one time

after the final tensioning, the grouting of bridge grouting material and pipeline must be carried out as soon as possible, generally not more than 48h

within 3 days after grouting and grouting of bridge grouting material, the beam body and ambient temperature shall not be lower than 5 ℃, and the temperature of bridge grouting material shall be kept between 5~30 ℃, otherwise measures shall be taken to meet the requirements

the bridge grouting material is not suitable for construction under high temperature conditions (above 35 ℃). It is forbidden to add additional water due to insufficient fluidity during construction

under low temperature conditions (above 5 ℃), when using antifreeze in bridge grouting materials, it is not allowed to contain chloride ions and nitrite

1. The influence of sizing agent variety

different varieties of expansion agents have different compensation shrinkage mechanisms. The expansion agent with ettringite as the expansion source may also have great differences in performance due to different raw materials

2. Influence of grouting material dosage

the dosage of expansion agent should be appropriate, and the dosage of expansion agent should not be less than the minimum dosage that meets the performance requirements of grouting material, nor higher than the maximum control dosage. The amount of expansion agent is too small to compensate for shrinkage; Excessive dosage may cause expansion agent cracking of grouting material and increase the manufacturing cost of grouting material

3. Influence of cementitious material variety

the effect of expansive agent varies with the variety of cementitious material. The effect of adding expansive agent into pure clinker Portland cement is better than that of cement containing mixed materials; When the content of aluminate or SO3 in the cementitious material is high, the effect of slurry pressing is better; Among the mixed materials, metakaolin has better volume stability

4. Influence of construction conditions

even if high-quality expansion grouting materials are used, if the construction is improper, the grouting material structure will also crack or penetrate. As for the leakage of grouting materials, the uncompacted vibration may lead to the leakage of grouting materials; Improper treatment of waterproof node construction will also produce leakage

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