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The overall configuration is the core part of the kitchen

practical kitchen configuration principle 1. Environmental protection

the environmental protection of the kitchen mainly focuses on the plate. Choosing a regular brand manufacturer, environmental protection can be basically guaranteed. It is necessary to pay attention to some relevant configurations to improve the quality of environmental protection, so as to further ensure the environmental protection of the kitchen. For example, in the use of hole cover, brand manufacturers use European advanced equipment, and generally reserve holes on the cabinet. The hole cover can seal the holes, prevent dust and moisture, and ensure the environmental protection of the cabinet. For another example, a good cabinet configuration adopts the back plate with double decorative veneer, while the ordinary back plate has no veneer, and the substrate is exposed, which affects the appearance. After decorative veneering, moisture-proof and pollution source leakage prevention can effectively improve the environmental protection quality of the board

practical kitchen configuration principle 2. Long service life

the normal service life of cabinets is 8 to 10 years. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to the relevant configuration to ensure the service life of cabinets and prolong the service life as much as possible. First, the metal flexible structure can prevent moisture and cracking, so it can ensure the long-term durability of the table. Secondly, Blum aluminum rebound damping drawer slide rail ensures the life of the drawer, because the key parts are made of special materials, making the drawer heavier and smoother, opening and closing freely and durable. Third, the quick installation hinge ensures the service life of the door panel, and its disassembly is convenient. The door panel can be easily removed for cleaning. At the same time, the gap between the door panel and the cabinet can be adjusted to prevent the door panel from deformation. At the same time, it is easier to renovate the door panel after a few years

practical kitchen configuration principle 3. Safety

kitchen details cannot be ignored. Fully consider the whole before purchase, and configure it once, which will make the kitchen not only intimate and practical, but also save a lot of costs if it is well matched. Kitchen experts believe that there are five configurations that are essential to ensure safety: first, the aluminum strip at the front of the partition board is because women or children will occasionally be scratched by the partition board when picking up items in the hanging cabinet. Installing an arc aluminum strip at the front of the partition board can remove hidden dangers, prevent items (such as eggs) from rolling out, and strengthen the edge sealing strip of the partition board. Second, the inner collision strip adopts special materials to increase the closure, effectively block the entry of dust and insects, prevent the door from clamping hands, and eliminate the impact and noise with the cabinet body when the cabinet door is closed. The embedded technology can also avoid the non replaceable collision strip after aging. Third, stop at will is designed for the side hung cabinet. When using, you can stop and close the cabinet door at will, open and close at will, and stop at any place, which effectively solves the requirements of different heights on the opening and closing degree of the cabinet door; At the same time, it is soft, smooth and noiseless. Fourth, ultra narrow pull basket, light and convenient, small space; Store small kitchenware such as chopsticks, which is convenient and easy to worry about. Fifth, the gas stove with flameout protection, people often forget to turn off the fire in the cooking process, and this kind of gas stove with flameout protection can just make up for people's forgetfulness

in addition, in the process of cabinet design, there are still some problems worthy of attention: using effective space to store things to meet the basic use function; Reasonably design the operation height according to the user; It is more convenient to assemble pendants by using the middle space between the operating table and the hanging cabinet; The single door with swing door design is not easy to open too large; Design to reduce seam angle; Space shall be reserved between the top of the hanging cabinet and the ceiling to clean or close the top space





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