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Decoration is a troublesome and expensive thing. Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network wants to share with you the decisive factors of decoration cost and construction contracting methods, so that all owners can know well when decorating

I: determinants of decoration cost

1 The brand, model, origin, price and quality of materials all play an important role

2. The distance between the construction site and the material market and the quality of transportation conditions

the distance of the construction site has a great impact on the transportation cost of materials. If the construction site is far away, the cost is high, and if the construction site is near, the cost is low

the height of the construction site floor also plays a certain role in the transportation cost of materials. If there is no elevator in the residence or there is an elevator, but the construction personnel cannot transport the materials, the construction workers must carry the materials upstairs. Manpower is still very expensive in today's society. Another influencing factor depends on the complexity of the design and construction process. The decoration cost with high requirements for technical equipment will naturally be high

3. Determination of decoration design scheme. When determining the design scheme, we must be careful, especially in the construction stage, not to change the design scheme frequently, otherwise it will have a great impact on the later decoration cost

II: construction contracting forms

at present, there are three construction forms of home decoration, including cleaning, labor and materials, and public and auxiliary materials. The three decoration methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. For different ways, you can choose according to your own situation

1. The name Baoqing means that the owner buys materials by himself and the workers construct. Why is there such a way of contracting and clearing work? At present, many owners are worried that the contracting of labor and materials is completely entrusted to the decoration company, and the decoration company will shoddy, falsely report and claim. If the owner is proficient in decoration materials, he can choose to buy decoration materials by himself, provided that the owner must have time and energy. The owner and the decoration company settle labor costs, machinery usage fees and corresponding indirect costs. The decoration company gains benefits from labor costs, indirect costs, etc. The good thing is that the owners can save some decoration costs




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