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As a salaried class, it was not easy to buy a suite by frugality. I have to work hard until the house is handed over. But the delivery of the house is still tens of thousands. And now developers sell blank houses. If they want to live in them, they have to raise money for decoration, and buy furniture and household appliances. It's really annoying to think about spending money everywhere Wages will never rise faster than house prices, and even faster than soaring prices At this time, many people will remember to decorate by themselves. Work harder on your own. Call a few workers from your hometown or someone else's construction site to decorate it. Or if you have relatives and friends, find some workers to take care of food and shelter. I thought I could save money by working harder. As everyone knows, it is actually in a stalemate. The following editor will analyze the difference between regular decoration companies and their own decoration: jiazhuang6 COM is the most professional home decoration website in China. ◆ self decoration first: there is a lot of material waste. For example, if you buy a whole barrel of latex paint, wallpaper, boards and other things, what should you do if you can't finish them? Waste money. Not enough, what should I do? Returning or replenishing goods will waste a lot of time and money. Therefore, it is recommended to find a professional decoration company and hand over these details to them. Owners only need to check whether the materials they like, color, style, brand and quality are right. We just need to pay for the materials according to the actual area of the home, and they will help us calculate the amount of materials. Second: it takes a lot of time and energy to bargain, to see the construction site and the workers. Accidentally, I was also trapped It takes three months to decorate. It's not easy to wait until a weekend, and even sneak out during your own working hours Tense months. Many people have a nervous breakdown. Xiaobian's home has just been renovated, and I still contracted it to our company. They all feel very troublesome. Third: the materials bought by the owners are all retail prices, and the regular decoration companies give wholesale prices. (if the material price and brand have no advantage, the decoration companies naturally have no advantage.) there is no problem of wasting materials Fourth: self installed workers have great potential safety hazards and quality hazards. It is suggested to hand over professional things to professional people. Workers in regular large decoration companies buy insurance. Xiaobian has been in the decoration industry for so long, and he has seen many terrible cases, such as cutting off fingers, injuring circuits, and killing people (it's terrible to think about it). Originally, it was a matter of happy decoration, but it resulted in a lot of unnecessary trouble. But if it is handed over to the decoration company, someone will undertake these accidents




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