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Ceramic sanitary ware to see, touch, listen to choose ceramic sanitary ware, the important reference indicators are glaze finish, brightness and ceramic water absorption. A look: products with high finish have pure color, are not easy to hang dirt and scale, are easy to clean, and have good self-cleaning performance

ceramic sanitary ware. When looking, touching and listening, ceramic sanitary ware is selected, the important reference indicators are glaze smoothness, brightness and water absorption of ceramics. A look: products with high finish have pure color, are not easy to hang dirt and scale, are easy to clean, and have good self-cleaning performance. When judging, you can choose to carefully observe the reflection of the product surface from the side under strong light, and it is better if there are no small sand holes and pits on the surface, or there are few sand holes and pits. The products with high brightness index adopt high-quality glaze materials and very good glazing technology, which have good and uniform light reflection, so that the visual effect is good and the product grade is high

Mona Lisa tiles, wells tiles, Smick tiles

two touch: when selecting, you can gently touch the surface with your hand, and it is better to feel very flat and delicate. You can also touch the back, feeling “ Sand sand ” Fine friction is better

three listening: you can also tap the ceramic surface by hand. Generally, good ceramic materials make a crisp sound when being knocked

depends on brand quality. Some small manufacturers fight a crazy price war by lowering production costs. As everyone knows, ceramic tiles are objects that need to accompany you for many years. In order to save money, I bought ceramic tiles that are not wear-resistant from small manufacturers. A year later, the surface of the tiles is mottled, cracked and unsightly. Spend money to pave bricks again. For one thing, all kinds of electric and gas pipelines that have been paved are not easy to move. The chaos and noise of the secondary decoration have disturbed the whole family. The most terrible thing is that some small manufacturers produce products that are not environmentally friendly in order to reduce costs. These products are paved on the wall and the ground “ Poison source ” In this way, it threatens people's health every day. Therefore, consumers are advised to choose brand bricks

it depends on the pattern design style of ceramic tiles. Consider the furniture and overall style of your home. What are you going to do

it is necessary to choose in time for the season. During the peak decoration season, various brands often have promotional activities. Shopping in the peak season not only saves money, but also ensures the quality by paving tiles in the right season. Carefully read the manufacturer's instructions when using ceramic tiles. Manufacturers that value reputation and service will generally have very detailed instructions. Before using, consumers should check whether the color number and size marked on the outer package are the model they ordered, and whether the bricks with the same color number have color differences, broken wires and other defects. Only when the same color number is used, can adjacent color numbers be used for color uniformity. Before paving, tiles often need to be soaked in clean water for 20-30 minutes, and then can be paved after filtering out the water. The cement grade used for paving shall be low grade, and the cement thickness shall not be too large, generally not more than 5mm

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ceramic tile color selection and matching are harmonious




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