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To build a sunshine house, the owner must choose according to his actual needs before choosing decoration

there are many kinds of sunshine houses. If classified according to the types of roofs, they can be divided into flat roof villa sunshine houses, underground courtyard arc roof sunshine houses, and terrace garden inclined roof sunshine houses. Due to its glass skylight characteristics, sunshine room is the best choice for you to relax, enjoy sunshine and get close to nature. But no matter what kind of sun room, the sun roof generally has an external sunshade system, which can prevent ultraviolet rays and has excellent heat insulation effect, so that you can enjoy the sun without sunburn. At the same time, the high-strength aluminum alloy of broken bridge has been the standard configuration of sunshine roof, because it has excellent functions of heat insulation and moisture retention, energy conservation and environmental protection

to build a sunshine house, the owner must choose according to his actual needs before choosing decoration. The key points of attention are nothing more than the thickness of aluminum profile, the type of sunshine roof, the thickness and strength of reinforcement, the size of sink, the thickness of glass, the glue used, etc. In addition, although there is no national standard for the construction of sunshine house at present, we should also pay attention to its wind pressure resistance, sound insulation performance, heat insulation performance, rainwater permeability and air permeability. These are important indicators to judge whether the sunshine room is effective

in short, the design of the sunshine room pays attention to the communication between man and nature, and between man and sunshine. Sunlight is introduced into the room through fully transparent and floor-to-floor glass. Flowers can be dotted on the windowsill, adding a few interests to the room and increasing the opportunity for the owner to communicate with nature





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