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Whether it is composite wood floor or painted solid wood floor, it is forbidden to directly wipe it with a wet mop stained with detergent during cleaning. In this way, water will penetrate into the floor inner layer through the cracks on the floor surface, paint damage and wall corners, causing the floor to be warped, moldy and rotten, and the wax layer cannot be completely attached after waxing (white spots appear on the floor bit by bit). Professional cleaning and maintenance products should be used, which can effectively maintain the original warm texture and natural primary color of the floor, and there is no odor and sticky feeling after cleaning

cleaning and maintenance of general floors: select the appropriate floor cleaner according to the floor material. Before use, according to the degree of dirt, pour an appropriate amount of floor cleaner into the bucket to dilute, and then mop the floor from the room to the door. If it is a corner or floor seam that is difficult to clean, you can use an old toothbrush to brush directly with floor cleaner to remove stubborn dirt, or you can directly pour the floor cleaner on a rag to wipe. It should be reminded that some detergents have high concentration of surfactant. After using these detergents to clean the ground, the semi wet ground is more likely to be contaminated with dust. Therefore, we should pay special attention to the selection of products with good reputation. If you want the stone floor to have a dazzling effect after cleaning, you might as well use the floor cleaning brightener with wax formula, and let it dry after use

cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors: wooden floors should not be wiped directly with a wet mop, but should be cleaned with a special cleaner for wooden floors, so that the floor can maintain its original warm texture and prevent wood dryness and cracking. Because too much water will penetrate into the inner layer of the wooden floor, causing the floor to mildew, or even rot. When using floor cleaner, try to wring the mop dry. If the wooden floor surface is not waxed, it is better not to contact water. It is best to try it in an inconspicuous place and use it in a large area after confirming that there is no problem

cleaning and maintenance of bamboo floor: in the process of daily use, when keeping the bamboo floor clean and clean, you can use a clean broom to sweep it, and then use a wrung mop to mop it. At ordinary times, you can also gently wipe the floor with a soft damp cloth. Of course, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on the floor like you do with carpets. According to the use, it can be waxed every few years to keep the paint film smooth and bright. If conditions permit, you can apply floor wax on the bamboo floor surface once every 2 to 3 months, so the maintenance effect is better




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