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NC drilling machine milling process (II)

the fabrication of the frame belongs to the early fabrication of the circuit board. The frame design not only has an impact on the uniformity of electroplating, but also has an impact on the milling board. For example, if the frame is not well designed, it is easy to deform or a small waste block is generated when milling the board. The waste block will block the dust suction pipe or break the high-speed milling cutter. The deformation of the frame, especially when milling the board externally, will cause the deformation of the finished board, In addition, if the cutting point and machining sequence are well selected, the frame can maintain the maximum strength and the fastest speed. The selection is not good. The frame is easy to deform and the printed board is scrapped

milling process number:

use carbide milling cutter to mill the printed board shape, and the cutting speed of the milling cutter is generally 180 ~ 270m/min. The calculation formula is as follows (for reference only):

s=pdn/1000 (m/min)

where: p:pi (3.)

d: milling cutter diameter, mm

n; Milling can also be used as the transmission medium of power. The tool speed, r/min

matches the cutting speed is the feed speed. If the feed speed is too low, the printed board material will soften or even melt or scorch due to friction heat, blocking the chip removal slot of the milling cutter, and cutting cannot be carried out. If the feed is too fast, the milling cutter will wear out quickly, and the radial load it bears is large. It can absorb fruit and vegetable juice, resulting in large cutter volume, poor work quality and inconsistent size. How to judge the feeding speed? The following items shall be considered: printed board material, thickness, number of blocks per stack, iron knife diameter, chip removal slot. Generally, it can be set according to the technical data provided by the tool supplier. Due to the difference in the material quality brand and manufacturing process of the tool, the tool process parameters of different manufacturers are different

the speed of the spindle motor can be maintained only when it is lower than the rated load. The load increases and the speed decreases until the milling cutter breaks. There are usually several conditions that cause the problem of tool breaking during plate milling: first, the power of the spindle motor is insufficient and needs to be repaired and replaced. 2: There are too many plates per stack, the cutting load is too large, or the milling length exceeds the effective length of the milling cutter. 3: Milling cutter quality problems. 4: Speed and feed speed setting problems. 5: The clamping force of the drill chuck of the rotating shaft decreases, and the required speed cannot be reached when the load is taken. 6: When the rotating shaft rotates, the concentricity has a problem, resulting in runout. 7: The program of Jinan testing machine factory tensile testing machine improves the competitiveness of products. There are problems in the design of the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components, such as the use of wrong commands

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