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The "migratory birds" of construction machinery in the "cold winter"

along with the long "cold winter" of the whole industry, the wandering industry enterprises have taken the relocation of production capacity as a powerful tool to transfer risks and seek new growth points

as for the relocation of construction machinery capacity, industry insiders judge that although the industry will still face a big test in the short term, it will also contain new development opportunities in the adjustment

XCMG machinery: it plans to set up a military industry department to improve its competitiveness

recently, all the stocks with military themes are popular. On the evening of August 27, XCMG machinery (000425) announced that in order to implement the military civilian integration strategy, the company plans to establish a military industry department to deepen its cooperation with the military through technical cooperation and joint venture cooperation by using the existing certificates and qualifications, R & D strength and technology accumulation

the announcement shows that the Military Industry Department of XCMG machinery has three main responsibilities. First, comprehensively formulate and implement the company's military business development strategy, master plan and path, and be responsible for coordinating the company's resources and docking related businesses with the army on behalf of the company; Second, we will comprehensively manage the maintenance of military customer relations, market demand research and analysis, bidding management, post market services and other work, and concentrate marketing resources to develop new channels and models of military marketing; Thirdly, it is responsible for organizing and carrying out information collection and analysis of relevant military products and technologies at home and abroad, and putting forward demand development demonstration; Take the lead in docking the R & D and trial production, technology, quality management and standardization of military supplies products, and coordinate with relevant departments to promote the implementation; Take the lead in the acquisition, review and annual inspection of relevant qualification certificates of the military industry system

XCMG machinery said that the establishment of the military industry department will further improve the company's high-end manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and new material application capabilities, improve the company's resource allocation efficiency, boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and enhance the company's core competitiveness

previously, on August 11, XCMG machinery (000425) announced that the company planned to invest RMB 100million to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary, Xuzhou XCMG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., to engage in pollution control and related engineering design, construction, investment, operation and management

XCMG machinery said that in the future, it will take XCMG environment as the main body to build an environmental industry platform, and plans to develop and expand the industry as soon as possible through such acquisition and merger methods as internal integration and external expansion as well as domestic and foreign listing, which are impossible for X-Y recorders. This investment has a positive impact on the company's ability to continue operating, but will not have a significant impact on the company's current financial situation

in addition, data shows that XCMG Information Technology Services Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in technical development, sales and other services of computer software and hardware, communication equipment and other electronic products. In the first half of this year, it achieved a net profit of 2.8458 million yuan and an operating income of 30.3741 million yuan. By the end of June, the net assets of the company were 23.144 million yuan, and the total assets were 40.2145 million yuan

Zoomlion: acquisition of overseas environmental protection assets

Zoomlion (000157) announced its intention to invest abroad on the evening of June 1. In order to better develop the environmental industry and accelerate the company's strategic transformation and upgrading, Zoomlion and Mandalin fund plan to jointly spend 508million yuan to purchase Italian La raw materials, which will accurately cover 75% of the equity of durner at the required position, thus directly obtaining more than 30 environmental operation projects abroad, It marks that the company has accelerated the transformation from a sanitation equipment provider to an overall environmental industry scheme provider and investment operator, and its environmental industry revenue scale may exceed that of the construction machinery sector in the next 3-5 years

Zoomlion announced that the company plans to jointly invest 75million euros (equivalent to about 508million yuan) with Mandalin fund to acquire 75% equity of ladurner in Italy through the acquisition of old shares and capital increase. Zoomlion plans to invest 57million euros (about 386million yuan) to acquire 57% equity of Italy ladurner

according to Dr. Fuling, deputy chief engineer of Zoomlion and President of Academia Sinica, "Italy ladurner company has accumulated rich experience in environmental industry process, project contracting, operation, management and innovation. It has mature operation experience and good engineering performance in EPC, PPP, BT, BOT, boo and other types of projects. Incineration power generation technology, anaerobic, aerobic technology, sewage treatment technology and RDF technology are at the international leading level."

Zoomlion said that through this transaction, the company will rapidly expand from the field of environmental sanitation machinery to the field of environmental industry, and realize the transformation from the environmental sanitation equipment supplier to the overall scheme provider and investment operator of the environmental industry

in fact, Zoomlion has never stopped marching into the overseas environmental protection market. Under the guidance of the "the Belt and Road" policy, Zoomlion's overseas construction projects in the China Belarus Industrial Park in Minsk, the capital of Belarus, were officially launched. According to the company, this project with a total investment of 30million US dollars is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 300million US dollars after delivery

Sany Heavy Industry: research and development of "three defense" intelligence

Sany Heavy Industry (600031) made an explanation on the recent reports of "Sany Heavy Industry Entering the market" released by some media on the evening of May 29, confirming that the company has developed "three defense" intelligence

Sany said that in order to further improve the after-sales service level, taking into account the special needs in the operation of construction machinery, the company and international well-known companies jointly developed "Three Prevention" intelligence, which has waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and other functions, and can install GPS positioning and construction machinery service software. In 2013, the company publicly displayed to special users at Beijing International Construction Machinery Exhibition. In 2014, the company further improved and upgraded. Sany's three proofs were sold directly without prior momentum and warm-up. In addition to the staff price of Sany, some analysts speculated that it might be a customized product for Sany

in addition, on May 21, Sany Heavy Industry announced that it would set up a military industry department, which once caused the stock of Sany Heavy Industry to rise sharply. Sany responded by implementing the transformation and development strategy and exploring new business growth points. The company established the military project department, which is now in the stage of preliminary investigation and feasibility study. Interestingly, the three defenses are also one of the symbols of military electronic products. Xiangwenbo also proudly praised his military quality in his microblog

Shanhe Intelligence: invested 65million yuan to get involved in the housing industrialization. According to the announcement of

Shanhe intelligence (002097), the company signed the sponsor agreement with Hunan Qingzhu Lake urban and Rural Construction Co., Ltd. and plans to jointly invest 100million yuan to initiate the establishment of Hunan Shanhe Housing Industry Co., Ltd. (the name shall be subject to the approval of the administrative department for Industry and Commerce). The company plans to contribute 65million yuan, accounting for 65% of the registered capital of the joint venture. Hunan Qingzhu Lake urban and Rural Construction Co., Ltd. plans to invest 35million yuan, accounting for 35% of the registered capital of the joint venture

Qingzhu Lake construction is a well-known construction enterprise in Hunan Province. It has various qualifications, such as general contracting of housing construction projects, general contracting of municipal public works, general contracting of water conservancy and hydropower projects, and has undertaken a large number of large-scale construction projects over the years. It has a certain market position and can provide a large number of market resources for the joint venture

Shanhe intelligent indicates that the industrialization of housing adopts industrialized production mode to build buildings, which is to use modern industrial means and modern industrial organizations to integrate various production factors at various stages of housing industrialization production through technical means and system integration, so as to achieve standardization of buildings, industrialized component production, serialization of housing components, on-site construction and assembly, integration of civil engineering and decoration, and socialization of production and operation, An orderly flow operation of the factory will be formed, so as to improve quality, efficiency, service life, cost and energy consumption. At present, the state and local governments have issued policies to guide and support the development of housing industrialization. The industry has a good development prospect and a huge market space, which can form a new economic benefit growth point for the company

Huanghai machinery: Changchun Changsheng plans to backdoor RMB 5.5 billion

Huanghai machinery (002680) recently announced that the company plans to realize the backdoor listing of Changchun Changsheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Changchun Changsheng) through a series of transactions such as major asset replacement, issuing shares to purchase assets, share transfer and issuing shares to raise supporting funds, so as to transform the biomedical industry

Changchun Changsheng's main business is the R & D, production and sales of human vaccine products. It is one of the first vaccine enterprises in China to independently develop and sell influenza vaccines and human rabies vaccines (Vero cells). It is one of the few enterprises in China that can simultaneously produce viral and bacterial vaccines. It is the first vaccine enterprise in China to obtain the license to use cell factory technology to produce live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine. At present, its main products include freeze-dried live attenuated varicella vaccine, freeze-dried human rabies vaccine (Vero cells), freeze-dried live attenuated hepatitis A vaccine, influenza split vaccine and adsorbed acellular DPT combined vaccine. In 2014, the company realized an operating income of 623million yuan and a net profit of 208million yuan

taking march31,2015 as the appraisal base date, the net assets of Huanghai machinery valued at 771million yuan according to the asset-based method, increased by 59.5984 million yuan compared with the book value of 711million yuan of net assets in the consolidated statements, with an appreciation rate of 8.38%. Through consultation, both parties agreed to set the value of the assets at 396million yuan. The appraisal value of the assets placed according to the income method is RMB 5.501 billion, an increase of RMB 4.438 billion or 417.49% compared with the book value of the net assets in the consolidated statements of RMB 1.063 billion. After negotiation between the two parties, the transaction price of the assets placed is RMB 5.501 billion. The difference between the pricing of the trading objects of the two parties in the above major asset replacement was RMB 5.105 billion

in addition, in this transaction, Huanghai machinery also plans to raise matching funds from no more than 10 other specific objects at a price of 18.12 yuan/share, with a total amount of no more than 1.66 billion yuan, which will be used for the development of Changchun Changsheng's main business and payment for this transaction. 7. Why is the pointer of the hydraulic universal material testing machine returning to zero bad? Intermediary fees

after the completion of this restructuring, the counterparties gaojunfang, zhangminghao and zhangyoukui jointly hold 33.70% of the company's equity and will become the actual controllers of the company; Changchun Changsheng achieved backdoor listing

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