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Milling under extreme conditions

shorter delivery time, smaller batch size and more and more complex parts processing requirements, these developing production trends also affect the further development of machining centers and milling machines. High flexibility and high production efficiency in production are the requirements that machining centers and milling machines must meet. Rapid tool change and efficient automation system have also contributed to further improving production efficiency

in fact, since many machine tools adopt modular structure, users can customize the required machine tools and equipment according to their own requirements. For example, the NBV 400 module combination developed by MAG hueller Hille for its new vertical machining center can meet the requirements of many machine variables. The product has 6 configurations, and 3~5 coordinates can be used for milling and turning the workpiece. This module combination also includes the motor spindle with rotation speeds of 10000, 12000, 18000, 24000 and 42000r/min, and the torque range is 9.6~87 nm at 100% load cycle. Joachim Krischke, director of the company's development department, stressed: "The working spindle with a wide torque range is a prerequisite to adapt to the machining task in the best way. The machine tool can be equipped with a tool magazine that can store 100 40 HSK, 63hsk or 30 HSK tools. If you feel that the storage capacity of such tools is not enough, you can also order a tool magazine with a larger storage capacity.

the machining center equipped with a rotating workbench can complete the machining of five surfaces of the workpiece at the same time.

because the tools are carried by three linear coordinates, The dynamic performance of the machine is independent of the weight of the workpiece. Krischke explained: "as a result, the movement speed can reach 60 m/min and the acceleration can reach 6 m/s2, ensuring the economy of cutting." In addition, the machining center can also be equipped with integrated cam (Figure 1). The CNC program submitted to the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress for deliberation by reviewing the first draft of the revised advertising law can be verified on the virtual machine. "Experiments have shown that this kind of simulation can save a lot of time and energy," Krischke said

Figure 1 NBV 400 vertical machining center can be equipped with integrated cam, and its CNC program for new workpiece can be carried out on virtual machine. The guarantee measures proposed in the guide include innovating organization and coordination mechanism, optimizing industry management services, increasing fiscal, tax and financial support, promoting the development of military civilian integration Deepen international exchange cooperation and other five aspects to verify that the new generation MAPPS IV controller of

mori Seiki company can be equipped with the integrated cam module of Esprit company according to different models of equipment. This controller can also be installed on the new nt1000 milling center and turning center (Fig. 2) to completely process 52mm complex bar workpieces with a processing diameter of 370mm and a length of 400mm. The B coordinate is driven by zero clearance linear motor, and orc (octagonal RAM) can provide strong rigidity in the Y coordinate. This structure keeps the thermally stable spindle in the center. Turning spindle and milling spindle adopt high-precision and sensitive oil cooling system to minimize thermal displacement. Because of these characteristics, nt1000 is very suitable for machining small and complex workpieces with high precision

Figure 2 the B coordinate of nt1000 new milling center is equipped with zero clearance linear motor and orc (octagonal RAM), which can provide good rigidity along the Y coordinate.

in order to cope with the growing market trend of parts, union Werkzeugmaschinen company of kemnitz is developing the first PR 200/250 series movable column machining center, which has 130kW transmission power and 17000nm torque, It can process workpieces with height of 8000mm and weight of 250 t. According to Thomas Ulrich, marketing director, "rough machining and ultra-high precision finishing cutting tasks can be conveniently completed at the same time in this machining center." He also explained that "the reason why the equipment has such excellent characteristics is that it is equipped with static pressure guide rails in X, y and Z coordinates. The special feature of this solution is that the static pressure adjustment depends on the size of the load, which can help users obtain very high machining accuracy."

movable column machining center has attracted much attention

similarly, the integrated NC rotary table equipped with DMF movable column machining center produced by GILDEMEISTER, a machine tool manufacturer, can also provide more space for processing large workpieces (Fig. 3). Compared with the machining center of the previous model, the X coordinate is extended by 180mm to 1100mm, and the Z coordinate is extended by 80mm to 900mm. The operation speed of the new equipment is higher, up to 80m/min instead of 40m/min. The optional scheme of B coordinate and C coordinate makes the machining center suitable for 5 linkage machining. The spindle can vary in many ways, and its adaptability to workpiece ranges from SK40 and HSK A60 (rotating speed up to 8000r/min and torque up to 150nm) to sk 50 and hska100 (rotating speed up to 10000r/min and torque up to 288nm)

Figure 3 compared with the previous models, the X coordinate of the movable column machining center DMF equipped with an integrated NC rotary table has been extended by 180mm, reaching 1100mm, and the Z coordinate direction has been extended by 80mm, reaching 900mm

in terms of flexible machining of large parts, the vpz series vertical gantry machining center (Figure 4) produced by SSB machinenbau company is equipped with double spindles Oblique indexing head for horizontal machining and NC rotary station for turning milling machining. The machining center is mainly used for turning and milling round workpieces with different radii. At the same time, there is an optional spindle head. When machining large castings, it can not only complete the forming milling, but also complete the 5-Sided machining. When talking about the advantages of this gantry structure principle, Thomas Beyer, the CEO of the company, emphasized that "the gantry structure has the highest rigidity and precision when carrying out surface milling."

Figure 4 the two machining worktables on the vpz 04 vertical gantry machining center can not only reasonably operate the two worktables,

but also synchronize the two worktables when they are included in an integrated production line. They can even process long workpieces.

the two machining worktables can not only reasonably use the two worktables to complete processing tasks, but also use the synchronization of worktable coordinates, It can even process long workpieces with high precision; Although the traverse travel is long, the precise geometric positioning of the double worktable will not be affected at all. Beyer assures that "although the length of large parts to be machined reaches 6000 mm, the final requirement is high precision to the micron range. Our gantry machining equipment is designed to achieve these strict tolerances." The cutting performance of this machining center is not inferior. The diameter of drilling with ST 60 cemented carbide tool can reach 65 mm, and the milling performance is 1000 m3/min

the RS 505 compact machining center developed by hedelius maschinenfabrik company in meppen can be used to process long and complex cubic workpieces with very high precision and efficiency, and its envelope circle can reach 420 mm. The new equipment is characterized by its ingenious work area layout. Dennis hempelmann, the company's marketing manager, explained: "this machining center is equipped with a rotating and rotary table with a diameter of 420 mm and a fixed table. The two tables have the same height, so workpieces with a total length of 1000 mm can be processed using the long bed procedure."

5-axis and 3-axis linkage machining

about the advantages of the working mode of the new equipment, Mr. hempelmann, the marketing manager of hedelius maschinenfabrik company, said that by combining the 5-axis and 3-axis working areas, the 6 surfaces of the workpiece can be processed by very economical technological methods. "Three NC coordinates are used in the left basic working area, and the clamping or datum processing is completed at the first clamping; in the right working area, five coordinates are used to complete the processing of the whole workpiece. Matched with the 3D feeding technology of formingstar, this equipment is especially suitable for 5-coordinate HSC linkage processing."

hempelmann explained. The linear coordinate digital transmission device on the rotary table unit and the direct transmission device equipped with the water-cooled torque motor are matched with the CNC itnc530 produced by Heidenhain company, which can provide very high dynamic performance and precision for the machining center

Figure 5 the automation system of the micro Makino machining compound machine tool production system includes a robot,

a special gripper, a clamping station and an auxiliary tray system

tool change times can also affect productivity. Heriebert miksch, CEO of miksch company in gepingyu, stressed: "this is not a question of whether the tool can be replaced quickly, but a question of providing relevant tools as soon as possible. Another important point is that the tool replacement system should not be a special solution." On the contrary, what users need should be serial production, which can adapt to the needs of special tasks on the basis of modules. Miksch claimed: "our mcs040 chain tool magazine meets all these needs. This kind of tool magazine is almost unique. The tool change time is less than 0.5s, and the chain speed is as high as 100m/min." Its uniqueness also lies in the flexibility of the system. Even if a knife handle like SK 40 and a sharp taper like SK 40 are used, there is no problem. The only thing that must be replaced is the handle and cheek plate

Figure 6 the compact ecological automation system tray library can accommodate 10 workpiece pallets, which is suitable for single piece small batch production

when users urgently need to improve production efficiency, they should use the automation system. For example, the workpiece holding tray system (WHP system) can improve the production efficiency of small batch process by combining the clamping and tray functions. As explained by Makino, this production system is called mini Makino machining compound machine tool( μ MMC), composed of production units and a large number of pallets, can greatly improve efficiency and reduce production costs in small batch production. This automation system includes a robot, a special gripper, a clamping station and an auxiliary tray system (Figure 5). A six axis robot is a standard configuration, which can position the WHP at any desired angle: horizontal, diagonal or vertical. Only one robot arm is required, because even if the workpiece has multiple forms, it only needs to be transported to the external auxiliary tray. The relatively simple solution for handling single small batch parts for machining centers is provided by Lang technology company. The compact eco automation system tray library can accommodate 10 workpiece trays (Figure 6). Guenter, CEO of Lang technologies, believes that "the new system is the easiest way to automate machine tools." In addition, the card installation is very fast, and the installation and commissioning can be completed in one day. (end)

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