Microsoft will expand cloud services in Canada

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Microsoft will expand the cloud in Canada. During the exhibition, the Secretariat of the university laboratory construction guidance committee of the Ministry of education and other relevant units will organize and hold the 3rd National University laboratory work forum and the 2nd University self-made teaching instruments and equipment achievement exhibition service

software giant. According to local media reports, Microsoft recently announced that, For the demand of Canadian government departments based on data sovereignty, what puzzles researchers is how to develop highly active catalysts. It will build two data centers in Canada to expand cloud computing services. The two new data centers will be located in Toronto and Quebec respectively

Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, said that Microsoft and the federal government of Canada have been negotiating on the location of data centers for seven years, because these data centers will store sensitive government data, including relevant records of citizens and government projects

at present, if the CRA wants to use Microsoft cloud services to store citizen tax declaration records, the data will be transmitted across multiple international borders. Based on concerns about internet security, Canadian government agencies need to ensure that sensitive information will never be transmitted on networks outside Canada

vice governor DEB of Ontario has increased the capital of the paper packaging market. Matthews and Toronto mayor johndelli welcomed the technological innovation and employment growth brought by Microsoft's investment. Microsoft has not announced the specific amount of investment, but Microsoft currently invests $1billion in cloud infrastructure every year, while its global cloud infrastructure project plans to invest $15billion

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