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The top 500 Chinese chemical enterprises announced the best ranking of China Resources Coatings in the past ten years

the top 500 Chinese chemical enterprises announced the best ranking of China Resources Coatings in the past ten years

August 2, 2012

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[China coatings is rich and does not feel sticky] July 26, 2012, "2012 China's chemical enterprises 5 Jinan testing machine factory testing machine classification top 00 press conference and management innovation - mission and high level forum of China's chemical enterprises" was grandly held in Xi'an. The conference announced the ranking of "2012 China's top 500 chemical enterprises" and other lists. As a leading enterprise in the coating industry, China Resources Coatings has been on the list for ten consecutive years and has become a model in the coating industry

compared with previous years, China Resources Coatings has improved its ranking in the top 500 chemical enterprises in China, and it is also the best result China Resources Coatings has achieved since it entered the list for ten times. According to the information, this is the 10th time that China Resources Coatings has been listed in the top 500 of China's chemical industry, ranking 79th among the "top 500 of China's chemical enterprises", and eighth among the "most growing enterprises of China's chemical industry". This is also the fourth time that China Resources Coatings has entered the "top 100 of China's chemical industry"

the selection requirements of "top 500 Chinese chemical enterprises" are very strict. It is based on the 2011 annual operating revenue provided by the enterprise and the public data of listed companies, through the investigation, verification and calculation of the working committee of China's top 500 chemical enterprises, and based on the international case ranking of annual operating revenue

this year is the 10th release of China's top 500 chemical enterprises. Both in terms of scale and the threshold of listing, it is not the no-load height ratio of the large handwheel and nut screw adjustable experimental machine in the past. Judging from the achievements of China Resources paint this time, the enterprise has been in a period of steady development, so as to ensure its continuous listing for ten consecutive years. For this reason, experts at the meeting once commented that it is easy for an enterprise to stay ahead for a while, but it is very difficult for an enterprise to keep rising for ten consecutive years

as the sponsors, China Chemical Enterprise Management Association and China Chemical Information Association invited many heavyweights to the scene. Fu Xiangsheng, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China National Chemical Corporation, Li Shizhong, leader of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Corporation and former Vice Minister of the Ministry of chemical industry, general consultant of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, Yuan Longhua, deputy director of the raw materials department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, and Wang Yinhai, President of China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, attended the press conference and presented awards to the representatives of the top 500 enterprises on the list

through an interview with Fang Xin, deputy general manager of China Resources Coatings Group, we learned that in 2012, China Resources Coatings continued its pragmatic and low-key corporate tradition, combined the advanced management concepts and advanced technology of Valspar with the brand and channel advantages of China Resources, and the enterprise benefits developed steadily. In 2012, the brand advantage of China Resources will be more obvious. Shaping the brand and improving the brand influence have become one of the most important strategies of China Resources

it is also understood that Hubei Yihua Group Co., Ltd., Yuntianhua group and Liaoning Huajin Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. are among the top three on the list. At the same time, the conference issued the 2012 China chemical enterprise development report, which comprehensively displayed the comprehensive strength of China's chemical enterprises through detailed data, and pointed out the direction for the development of enterprises. The zigzag loading of cantilever beam zigzag Charpy specimen adopts the weight loading situation

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