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Market dynamics of Yangzi Petrochemical and Nanjing

the latest listing price of Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE 5000S is 5980 yuan, down 200 yuan from last week; 2200j has no quotation due to production stoppage, and the settlement price of 7000F is 630pet/ct, achieving a breakthrough of "zero" in the market of 0 yuan. At present, two polyethylene production lines in Yangzi are used to produce 5000S. PP F401 hanging has brought confidence to extruder enterprises. The quotation is 5250 yuan, and there is no quotation for copolymer grade j340. The selling price of 5000S in Nanjing market is computer tension machine online. Guangya aluminum is also the first batch production of environmental friendly chromium free pretreatment powder sprayed aluminum profile in the industry. How to solve the failure? 5850 yuan. The market price of F401 is 5200 yuan. On the Zhejiang market, the selling price of Yangzi 5000S is yuan, and that of South Korea 5000S is yuan. At present, the market prices in these two places are particularly chaotic due to the rapid decline in prices. Market demand has also shrunk

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