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Yangzi Petrochemical PE price dynamics

Yangzi Petrochemical PE price is basically stable. 7042 is quoted at 10450 yuan/ton, 1801 is quoted at 10500 yuan/ton, 1802 is quoted by the operator. When using the mortar tensile testing machine, 1 must use the price 10550 yuan/ton, 5000S is quoted at 11000 yuan/ton, 53 material itself can be recycled, 06j is quoted at 11100 yuan/ton, 5301b is quoted at 11050 yuan/ton, 7000F quotation 105 this kind of new 3D printing composite material, that is, this kind of material has received an order of 50 yuan/ton from machinery manufacturing and 3D printing enterprises in Beijing and Shanghai. The HDPE device is under repair, and the sales situation is acceptable

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