Hottest World Futures plastic daily review 1224

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Tiandi Futures: plastic daily review 1224

crude oil rebounded strongly near $90, which brought some support to Dalian plastics, which consolidated at a low level for nearly a week. LLDPE opened slightly higher, then fluctuated slightly and closed positive. In the 3-point zigzag experiment, cross star, bargain hunting, multi-party buying and relatively high short selling pressure were reflected on the disk, and the long short divergence magnified the transaction and position

from the daily K-line, although the futures price has started to run higher, the increase is limited, and it has not yet got rid of the weakness. It is still suppressed by multiple moving averages above. It is difficult to judge whether it can get out of the low position, and it is temporarily viewed as a shock bottoming

the LLDPE market quotation in East China PE market fell, there were few market transactions, and the traders' mentality was poor. The market atmosphere in North China PE market was poor on Monday, and the quotation basically maintained the weekend price, mainly stable

China Plastics warehouse receipts generally increased. After LLDPE warehouse receipts opened low, they rose with shock driven by the buyer, and closed higher across the board. The warehouse receipts market recovered slightly, but the upper 2. Impact energy: 1J 2.75j 5.5j 11j 22j still lacks momentum

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