Hottest Xianke S7 80 rearview mirror dash cam comm

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Comments on Xianke S7 80 rear-view mirror dash cam: Xianke s780 double lens 1080p promotional quotation

Xianke S7 80 rear-view mirror dash cam double lens 1080p high-definition night vision electronic dog speed measurement option

5-inch large screen electronic dog option double lens double recording reverse image

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the product is really good, When I received it, there was no ixsenic project. It started 10 years ago and was a little damaged. All the accessories were complete. After receiving it, I contacted sister Liangchen to help with the installation. When starting the measurement, people actually didn't know that there was a common computer software in the measurement head. After online, a prompt box appeared to show the location of the overload. It was arranged for me in a few minutes. It was the master who made an appointment to install it tomorrow. Thank sister Liangchen! Wait until tomorrow, and then review

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