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The market development and technological development of sheet fed gravure printing machine

the single gravure printing machine has come to the crossroads of development

with the development of carton packaging becoming more and more exquisite and high-grade, packaging enterprises have more and more demand for multi process combinations. The sheet fed gravure printing machine has made gravure printing more widely used. The high price of the web gravure printing machine has deterred the users of carton packaging and printing. The emergence of the single gravure printing machine has made this aristocratic printing method go down the altar. With an investment of more than 60000 yuan, you can have a fully functional sheet fed gravure printing machine to meet the stringent requirements of high-end users for full page field or gold printing. In only four years, the domestic sales of single concave machines have reached more than 400

after more than four years of development, the single concave machine has been widely recognized in the field of cigarette packs. Although wine box packaging and medicine box packaging are also popular, due to the high plate making cost, and the output of printed products is not comparable to that of cigarette packs, it is difficult to promote the single concave machine in the field of carton packaging other than cigarette packs

in the past two years, the state tobacco administration has decided to shut down small cigarette factories and establish several tobacco groups. At the same time, subordinate printing enterprises have also adopted merger and acquisition policies, which has greatly improved the business stability of subordinate printing enterprises and reduced the printing varieties. In 2005, many cigarette bag printing enterprises took roll concave as the first choice for equipment transformation, which means that the single concave machine is facing a crossroads of development, either shrinking slowly, or improving quality and developing towards polychromism

zhenhenri constantly adjusts the research and development direction of products according to market feedback

1 Polychrome

in terms of production efficiency, even polychrome single concave machine cannot be compared with web gravure machine, but it can compete with imported polychrome offset machine. The price of a four-color single concave machine is only 3million yuan, far less than 1/2 of the price of imported polychrome offset machine, but the printing brush quality and color stability are indeed significantly higher than imported polychrome offset machine. In May, 2002, zhenhenri's first four-color single concave machine was delivered for use, filling the domestic gap. Guangdong Shunde Xinchao color printing factory has successfully produced many batches of high-precision cigarette packaging products, such as the new soft bag red coin of Shaoguan cigarette factory. The machine is arranged with equal diameter rollers. It is difficult to print thick paper

the first two-color gravure printing machine of Beijing zhenhenri has been successfully installed and operated in Zhejiang Meinong group for more than a year. It has successively printed "general" cigarette packets of Jinan General Group; Jiangxi Nanchang cigarette factory's "seabird" cigarette bag: Yunnan's "Guobin" cigarette bag has also printed two batches of gold card paper Jiangxi "Lushan" cigarette bag. The two-color single concave machine operates 24 hours a day without stopping. The quality and efficiency of printed matter can meet the standard. The two-color single concave machine of Beijing zhenhenry has printed more than 80 million sheets in Zhejiang Meinong group, creating considerable economic benefits for Zhejiang Meinong group

the symmetry of the double diameter cylinder of the machine is a manufacturing technical difficulty. There are many handover times between the units. For the four-color single concave machine, it needs to be exchanged 16 times. This is an independent technical development with high technical difficulty. Through one-year trial operation in Zhejiang Meinong group, the two-color single concave machine of Beijing zhenhengli company shows that zhenhengli has taken the key first step. The multiple handover times of the four-color single concave machine and ensuring the registration accuracy are very challenging technical key issues. It can be said that zhenhengli has completely mastered the registration technology of the multi-color machine. From design, production to operation, one-time success can be ensured. Beijing zhenhenry four-color single concave machine has been put into mass production, as shown in the figure

2. One machine can be used for multiple purposes to improve the applicability. Some users report that sometimes they use a single concave machine for oneortwo products, but the starting rate is often not high because of expensive plate making fees, narrow product application area and other reasons. Most of the time, they are idle. In order to solve the problem of low utilization rate of single concave machine, zhenhengyi introduced a flexographic printing module that can be installed on the single concave machine at the end of 2004. When there is no single concave product, the single concave machine can be transformed into a flexographic polishing machine, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the equipment, as shown in Figure 2

The design principle of the dual-purpose machine is to add a set of glazing units such as rubber (flexo) roller, embossing roller, cavity scraper, etc. on the premise of ensuring the normal function of the original single concave machine remains unchanged, so that it can do both gravure printing and professional glazing printing, so as to achieve the purpose of dual-purpose of one machine. The specific use of this structure is as follows: under normal circumstances, when gravure printing is required, replace the gravure cylinder. Install the rubber cylinder at the original position (the structure of the shaft heads at both ends of the rubber cylinder is the same as that of the gravure cylinder. Therefore, it is interchangeable) and then install the embossing roller and cavity type plastic scraper. The total demand for plastic pipes will continue to increase, and the number of Polish head components such as knives will continue to increase. This set of balding head components is installed integrally through a small wall panel in advance. During installation, you only need to find the positioning hole L and install the whole mechanism on the wall panel. The installation operation is very convenient. In this way, the machine becomes a special polishing machine, which can be used for water-based or UV polishing printing. Because the polishing head assembly adopts the internationally advanced cavity scraper system, the thickness of the polishing ink layer is uniform and flat, and the brightness is high, which can meet the needs of high-grade polishing. In addition, if the rubber cylinder is changed into a flexographic cylinder, flexographic printing can also be carried out, which enriches the functions of the machine

it should be noted that not only the new machine can be changed into a dual-use machine, but also the user's old machine can be easily added with a glazing unit to become a dual-use machine without changing the structure of the original machine, but it causes indoor air turbidity, which is very practical and affordable for users. This gravure flexographic printing and polishing machine has been sold by Beijing zhenhenri Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. Its feature is that users spend a little more money than buying a gravure press. After simple component replacement, they can change the gravure press into a flexographic printing and polishing machine. It not only saves users' purchase costs, but also saves users the floor space of a machine. It can be said that one machine has two benefits

3. For fine packaging other than cigarette packs, reduce the format and reduce the plate making fee

at present, the domestic cigarette pack printing plants choose and buy single concave machines with the above format, and the diameter of the plate cylinder is mostly 280mm and 300ram. The plate making fee of the hollow cylinder is 4500 yuan/piece, If the quality requirement is not high, and the printing volume is less than 10 million, obviously the packaging box will not use gravure printing. So can reducing the printing plate size and slightly reducing the plate making cost open up the situation in the field of fine packaging other than cigarette bags? 7 for example, wine boxes, cosmetics, medicine boxes with large printing volume. With the idea of trying it out, zhenhengyi launched a four opening single concave machine at the end of 2004. Its printing plate diameter is 225mm and the plate length is 780mm

the machine has the following characteristics in design:

① the delivery is still in an important strategic opportunity period of development. The paper part adopts a pendulum front rule, a pendulum swing, and a front paper transfer roller structure. The pendulum front gauge takes a long time to stabilize the paper, which is conducive to registration. The bottom swing can effectively prevent the paper surface from being scratched, especially the gold and silver cardboard; The wiggler is controlled by conjugate cam, and it operates smoothly. The physical and mechanical properties of plastic film, wires and cables, waterproof coiled materials, metal wires, cartons and other materials are highly tested and the noise is low

② double diameter embossing cylinder and paper receiving cylinder are used, which is more conducive to printing and printing anti rubbing

③ the diameter of the plate cylinder is 225mm. The diameter is small, which reduces the plate making cost

④ roller bearings are used. The machine has low resistance and operates easily. Rolling bearings are standard purchased parts. They are easy to use and maintain and can reduce the purchase cost (as shown in Figure 3)

as soon as the machine was launched, it was purchased by a cigarette bag printing enterprise in Beijing. It is understood that the user is a cigarette bag printing enterprise mainly focusing on silk screen printing. The effect of printing on the spot with a single concave on the gold and silver card is very close to that of silk screen printing. Moreover, the large format of four openings is very in line with the actual production. Saving edition fees is also one of the factors to be considered. At present, the user side is quite satisfied with the use of this machine

4. export strategy

if cigarette packet printing is expanded to a global scope, the market capacity will be enlarged by 10 times. Looking at the rapid economic development of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other neighboring countries, we can draw a conclusion that due to the narrow region and limited domestic demand, the user group was positioned at 1:1 for foreign trade on the first day of the establishment of the factory. Therefore, learning European and American technology and quickly following up European and American standards have become the characteristics of Japanese, Korean and Taiwan enterprises. In order to eliminate trade barriers to exports, zhenhenri has passed IS09001 quality system certification (as shown in Figure 4), and is undergoing EU CE certification. TUV certification in North America will also be passed in May this year. The appearance, automation and humanized design of products have also been greatly improved


gravure printing has a bright future. As a newly emerging single sheet gravure printing machine in recent years, it will continue to glow with the application of new technologies such as plate making technology and gravure environmental friendly water-based ink

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