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After chartering the ship, it also chartered the train. The "31" China Europe train opened

after chartering the ship, it chartered the train. The "31" has set up 48 industrial bases in key areas of new materials, including Beijing Petrochemical new materials, Baotou rare earth new materials, Shaanxi non-ferrous metal new materials. The China Europe train opened

China Construction machinery information

on April 29, the whistle sounded, and the total cargo value of the crane equipment was 1.5 million US dollars, Take the first China Europe "31" train to Central Asia

"31" opened

the special train has 46 wagons, 1000 meters long, and the shipping equipment is mainly tower cranes and parts with a temperature too high for 1 day. It will go directly to the five countries in Central Asia in 15 days

10 o'clock, the special train slowly started, and Huang Dong, manager of Sany Logistics Department, was very excited: "it's starting!" This is the first "31" special train issued by SANY group during the epidemic period, marking the normal operation of the line

Huang Dong introduced that the transportation of tower cranes usually takes the highway. Affected by the epidemic, the highway port was closed. "It is forbidden to process the diameter, number and rotating speed of steel bars that exceed the mechanical rules." with the assistance of relevant departments, we are now changing to the railway. As long as it takes half a month, we can improve efficiency and reduce costs. "

"in February, we tested some products, which is a 'free ride', and this will be the fixed line in the future". Huang Dong said

in the future, there will be more "Sany special trains" to Central Asia, pan Russia and Europe to send high-quality products of "what is the maximum winding force of Sany manufacturing; the equipment is selected as wire winding experimental machine" to overseas in time

chartering ships and then trains

after the outbreak, overseas logistics channels were blocked, and product delivery and customs clearance faced challenges

to this end, Sany group scientifically integrated the shipping plan, optimized the shipping plan, actively communicated with overseas customers, and creatively opened up many "new routes"

During the period of

, Changsha Customs, Zhongnan dry port and COSCO Haite actively supported Sany logistics to ensure the timeliness of customs clearance and help enterprises develop foreign trade in high quality

with the efforts of all parties, Sany group issued the first export train in the industry as early as February 25

At the end of March, a cargo ship loaded with 14 rotary drilling rigs and 7 cranes set sail from Tianjin port and sailed to Mumbai along the new channel

charter a boat and then a train. Today, the "31" with full engineering equipment is slowly moving forward, along the "Eurasian artery" to the "the Belt and Road" countries

the linkage of shipping, ports and railways has dredged the trade channel between Sany and overseas, and stabilized the basic plate for the international development of enterprises. At present, only in April, Sany will complete the delivery of more than 5000 international orders

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