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Market development trend of curing agent industry

in recent years, China's curing agent industry has developed rapidly, and the product output has increased rapidly, but there is still a large gap between the overall technology and foreign countries, and the overall development is still relatively backward compared with foreign countries, and the epoxy resin curing agent industry has developed rapidly. At present, China has become the largest country in the production and marketing of epoxy resin in the world, and the next decade is still the golden peak of the development of China's epoxy resin industry. Research and development of high-quality, high-function, specialized curing agent will become the primary task in the future

at present, the total output of curing agents in China is slowly lower than the market demand, and the contradiction between supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent. Many high-grade and special curing agents still need to be imported. There are few varieties, and the supporting development level of the industrial chain is very low, which is difficult to adapt to the ever-changing market demand

at present, China's curing agent industry has made great progress in products, production, technology and other aspects. Multi functional curing agent product factor 1: there are more and more measurement and control systems (that is, software and hardware) of electronic tensile testing machines. Rapid curing, low-temperature curing and the most absorbent curing agents are developing rapidly, and curing agents with special functions such as elastic curing agents are also developing significantly. Curing agents used in outdoor, underwater, humid and other environments are also popular; In order to meet the high-performance requirements of epoxy resin, curing agents with excellent mechanical properties and mechanical properties will be further developed; People pay more and more attention to electron beam and light curing agent; There is a large market demand for special curing agents for coatings, water-soluble special curing agents and special curing agents for adhesives, and the industry has a broad prospect. The domestic activities of thermoplastic elastomers of Sibur and Rosneft are utilized

at present, the development of curing agents in China lacks unified and overall planning, and the industrial production layout is scattered, so there is no scale and series. There are few research and development personnel, low quality, scattered strength, and there is no fixed research center dedicated to product development, so the research and development situation is not satisfactory. Insufficient supply of basic raw materials and poor quality have seriously hindered the development of curing agent industry in China

according to the in-depth research report on China's resin curing agent market analysis in, the toxicity and pollution of curing agents in the production and use process, as well as the environmental health pollution of waste epoxy resin products, have attracted more and more attention. Safety, pollution-free and low toxicity will be a very significant feature in the development of modern curing agents, and it will also be the trend of global curing agents in the future

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