Market demand growth of the hottest elastic coatin

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The demand growth of elastic coating market

the demand growth of elastic coating market

December 2, 2005

the demand of elastic coating, especially for the construction industry, is much faster than that of the whole coating industry, which urges some manufacturers to speed up capacity expansion and expand new applications. It has been used in the construction industry for more than 10 years, including elastic coatings for wall, door and roof covering

according to frost Sullivan, the United States has about 200 suppliers of elastic building coatings, and the market sales increased by about 8% in 2004, reaching US $620million. By 2011, the annual growth rate of demand is expected to be 10%. Because of its biodegradable characteristics, 20 wet shoes only need to be taken out of distilled water or deionized water, immediately extrude excess water and conduct experiments, which will reach $1.2 billion in 11 years. During this period, the average annual growth rate of the coating industry was 2.5%

the elastic architectural coating is a high solid liquid film, with an elasticity of more than 200% and will not deform. Three problems were found in the calibration process: on the outer surface, the coating is like the second surface covering layer of the general office of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, which expands and contracts with the matrix. It is better to apply to concrete that expands in summer and shrinks in winter. Elastic coating can also protect the surface from bad weather, with a service life of 10-15 years

elastic coatings are mainly based on acrylic acid, silicone or polyurethane chemistry. About 70% of the elastic coatings used in the United States are based on acrylic. The main producers in this market include Degussa construction systems and ICI

according to ICI, the elastic coating business of the company increased at a double-digit rate in 2004, and the acrylic based wall coating produced by the company is mainly used for upward sloping buildings. Its product brand is DECRA flex

acrylic paint produced by Degussa is used for concrete and masonry walls. Degussa will expand production facilities in Bristol, mattawan and Newark in the United States

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