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On the market development of honeycomb paperboard

honeycomb paperboard is popular in the market, especially in developed countries and regions such as the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, etc. because of its light weight, low price, high strength, recyclability and other characteristics. It has become a new type of green packaging that can save resources and protect the environment

As an industry, honeycomb has a history of more than 50 years abroad. Although China has only developed for more than ten years, we have developed generation after generation of cellular devices through self-reliance and continuous efforts. But in general, it is still in its infancy, and the honeycomb development in China is still a virgin land

honeycomb paper products involve all walks of life, especially in the fields of packaging and construction. Replacing plastic with paper and wood with paper is the general trend, and its prospect and benefits are widely optimistic. In 1998, the U.S. government believed that China's wood would one day use the principle of heat balance and the method of circular mixing to ban the packaging and import of wood products. Soon, European and American countries and Canada also issued bans on China. China's wood packaging export is facing a crisis. In order to solve the export obstruction of wood packaging, the Chinese government has put forward emergency measures to replace wood packaging with packaging made of honeycomb paperboard. Encouraged by the policy, we have been moving forward in difficulties and developing the honeycomb industry in twists and turns, which is like injecting a strong agent, and the national honeycomb industry has become hot. According to the statistics of the "2001 National honeycomb paperboard development strategy seminar and equipment exhibition fair", China has developed more than 100 honeycomb paperboard production lines, although it is far from meeting the needs of the domestic honeycomb paperboard Market. However, honeycomb has been recognized and accepted by the market. Many other enterprises are also eager to try honeycomb assembly line equipment. However, in the years to come, these more than 100 honeycomb paperboard manufacturing enterprises have experienced difficulties and twists compared with the standard model drawings, some of which are difficult to produce, some of which are small-scale, and some of which are discontinued. Few provinces and cities can persist. Therefore, insiders lament that although honeycomb is good, the market prospect is too vague

honeycomb is an emerging industry in the world with strong vitality, but honeycomb products have its particularity. On the one hand, it has the characteristics of environmental protection, on the other hand, it is a substitute. There is a battle between life and death between substitution and being replaced. Of course, products with strong advantages must replace inferior products. The advantage of honeycomb products is green packaging, and it has become a climate to replace wood and plastic. The main reason why it is so difficult for honeycomb products to enter the market is that it is difficult to develop ideal alternative products, which is closely related to post-processing equipment. The development of honeycomb industry has only been for decades, and foreign high-tech has always blocked us. Taking honeycomb pallets as an example, almost all honeycomb manufacturers are made by hand to attract investment across the country. Therefore, there are problems such as low efficiency, low output, low quality, labor-intensive, and of course, the cost is high. Handmade products are of poor quality and unpopular. Foreign pallet assembly lines are high-tech, expensive and of good quality, but they are out of reach for some small domestic enterprises. It is difficult to operate foreign equipment, purchase accessories and maintain them. Therefore, we must design our own honeycomb paperboard post-processing equipment suitable for national conditions and factory conditions, so as to meet the needs of the Chinese market and truly open up new channels for green packaging

in order to process honeycomb paperboard, which is often used to form a composite plastic nest with plastic, into a product suitable for the market, the quality of honeycomb paperboard cannot be ignored, including the fastness of paper and composite bonding, and the post-processing equipment is also very important. It is not only to ensure the quality level of products, but also an important link to ensure product quality. Honeycomb paperboard can be processed into liners, pallets, light walls, sanitary coffins and so on. Honeycomb paper products are used more and more widely, but there is no specific manufacturer of honeycomb paperboard post processing equipment in China. At the 2001 Beijing honeycomb symposium, everyone agreed that this is the bottleneck of honeycomb development. By 2002, no enterprise had developed post processing equipment at the honeycomb annual meeting. The reason is that the research and development of honeycomb post processing equipment has high risks and low benefits. Large factories are unwilling to do it, and small factories cannot do it. Therefore, the cellular market is still vague, and the situation is still a vicious circle

looking at the overall situation, all enterprises that have successfully developed the honeycomb paperboard Market must have technicians who improve the honeycomb performance and are familiar with the subsequent processing equipment. What kind of honeycomb products the market needs, the enterprises will develop suitable products adaptively. Therefore, these enterprises will do more and more products, and the market will become larger and larger. The final situation is a virtuous circle

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