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China has accelerated the development and promotion of new flame retardants. Zhou Zhengmao, Secretary General of the China flame retardant society, said in an interview a few days ago that with the improvement of international environmental standards, the environmental protection and safety of flame retardants has attracted more and more attention. Relevant scientific research institutions and enterprises in China are stepping up the research, development and promotion of new flame retardants as a solution to replace some controversial bromine flame retardants. Among them, the research and development of phosphorus containing polymer flame retardants supported by the Ministry of environmental protection and the Ministry of science and technology is progressing smoothly

Zhou Zhengmao said that led by China flame retardant society, Beijing University of technology 6 Monitor the experimental process: thank the company, Shandong Tianyi Chemical Co., Ltd Zhejiang Linhai Chemical Co., Ltd. has jointly applied for the national "863" support project: the sub project of the alternative products and alternative technologies for the optimal control of persistent organic pollutants according to the national standard for the experimental method of external impact resistance of plastic pipes - the development of alternatives to decabromodiphenyl ether flame retardant. The project objective is to develop three flame retardant calculation standards for phosphorus containing polymers that can effectively replace decabromodiphenyl ether: GB 16776 ⑵ 005 gb/t 528 ⑴ 998 agent, and build three demonstration plants. At present, the research of this project has been carried out for more than half a year, and the pilot test of three phosphorus containing polymer flame retardants has been completed, and the pilot test is about to begin

Zhou Zhengmao also stressed that there are more than 70 varieties of bromine flame retardants, and only a few varieties may have adverse effects on the environment and human beings. Other bromine based flame retardants are different from their structures and will not have similar effects, so they can be used continuously. Some people unilaterally put forward the concept that containing "halogen" is not environmental protection, which has no scientific basis and is misleading. Only a comprehensive risk assessment is a scientific means to judge whether chemicals are harmful to the environment and health. It is absurd to judge whether chemicals are environmentally friendly by containing certain elements

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