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"One stop" quality inspection service helps textiles go abroad

it is understood that the textile and clothing industry has become one of the five pillar industries in Hubei Province with an economic growth of 8.2%. At present, there are more than 2000 textile and clothing production enterprises in Wuhan, and a considerable number of enterprises have a production and marketing scale of more than 20million yuan. There is also a shadow of "Han style" clothing in textiles in foreign markets such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea

in the development of today's textile industry, textile testing is an indispensable and important part. With the arrival of the 21st century, the rapid progress of scientific and technological level, the continuous emergence of new technologies, new processes and new materials, coupled with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, as well as the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and self safety and health protection, this puts forward newer and higher requirements for the content and methods of textile testing. Therefore, we should pay attention to the new changes in the world, comply with the new trend of driving the development of precision hydraulic cylinder ecological textiles and clothing, constantly update the testing technology and requirements of textiles, and constantly improve the testing ability and level, so as to better adapt to the scientific and Technological Development and further needs of the textile industry

"customers at home and abroad have higher and higher requirements for the quality of textiles." Jin Qun, deputy director of Wuhan Quality Inspection Institute and deputy director of the national textile and garment quality inspection center, said that the increasingly stringent product quality requirements in the market today, due to different customers and different standards, lead to disputes arising from differences in product quality perceptions from time to time. Only making the product quality inspection meet the requirements of manufacturers, traders and buyers is an important key to resolving disputes. Based on the principles of fairness and impartiality, the professional inspection of product quality provided by a third party is not only conducive to the improvement of product quality, but also the guarantee of the quality reputation of export commodities

at present, the national textile and clothing quality inspection center (Hubei) is equipped with a large number of advanced inspection instruments at home and abroad, such as American gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, high-performance liquid chromatography, sun fastness testing machine, universal material testing machine, dry cleaning machine, etc., and has the ability to inspect all kinds of fibers, filaments, yarns, all kinds of textile products, knitwear, household textiles, clothing, down products, leather products, footwear and other products, The detection ability of indicators related to human health and safety in textile exports and ecological textiles is at the leading level in China

"the national quality inspection center has today's world-class laboratories, instruments and equipment. The 'qualified' report of testing, inspection and identification issued by it can be recognized in any city in China, and its products can also be sold smoothly. In addition to China, the 'qualified' report of the national quality inspection center has also been recognized by more than 60 countries in the world." Jin Qun said that the national textile and garment quality inspection center can enjoy "one-stop" quality inspection services for textile and garment production enterprises, such as raw material inspection, finished product inspection, quality control, factory inspection, standard publicity and implementation. It plays an important role in improving garment quality and enhancing enterprise competitiveness

under the impact of the wave of "green consumption" in the world, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development and production of ecological textiles beneficial to human health and environmental protection. According to relevant data, at present, there are more than 250billion dollars of green consumption, especially in developed countries and regions such as Europe. The strong rebound products in the 18th dry bulk shipping market of textile products with ecological labels are the choice of most local people, Therefore, ecological textiles will become mainstream products in the future international textile market

since entering the 21st century, with the change and development of the situation such as China's entry into WTO and the cancellation of textile and clothing quotas, the growth of China's textile industry has won more space. But at the same time, with the popularization of the concept of "ecological green textile", the content of textile testing is also increasing. The continuous expansion of testing field and the continuous improvement of testing level can be described as a long way to go. We must constantly collect foreign advanced testing data, track the latest foreign testing technology, introduce advanced equipment, strengthen personnel training, actively expand testing projects and improve testing ability. Especially in the correct adoption and application of environmental protection and personal safety and health detection technology, we need to focus on research and application

in order to further implement the outline for the revitalization of the textile and clothing industry issued by the State Council, promote the new improvement of the quality level of the textile and clothing industry, and meet the challenge of fierce competition in the global textile and clothing industry, professional quality inspection institutions at all levels must, under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, constantly strengthen the awareness of modern services, and strive to improve their own understanding of textile safety The technical experts of Jinmin Research Institute provide professional support for material selection, process design, mold design, color design, etc., so that they can evaluate the texture performance, technical content, quality level and functions of various textiles with scientific methods, accurate data and authoritative conclusions, and promote the healthy development of the textile industry, Better protect the interests of consumers

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