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Come on! Take you into the "Innovation workshop" of Huawei servers

from business supporter to business driver, it system plays an increasingly important role in the process of enterprise and social development, and the direct result is the continuous and rapid growth of IT industry for years. At large, the cloud computing and big data industries have expanded rapidly. At small scale, the server and storage markets have grown steadily

but in other words, if you can only reach the average market growth rate, there is nothing to show off. After all, just like the famous saying of the Internet market at present, standing in the wind, pigs can fly. It is not a skill to share a good market, but it is another matter if you can be far from the average level of supermarkets. Take the increasingly competitive server market as an example, Huawei is the ruthless role that deserves another look

come on! Gartner, the world's most authoritative it research and consulting company, has just released the global server report for the third quarter of 2015. The report shows that Huawei is stable, so it must expand this weak signal through an amplifier. The shipment volume ranks fourth in the world, with a year-on-year increase of 43.6% and the growth rate ranking second in the world. From the perspective of global layout, Huawei's server business has covered more than 140 countries, and has achieved rapid growth in all regions. From the report, we can see that Huawei's server products are widely recognized by customers at home and abroad. At the same time, we can also see that the image of Huawei's server brand in the global server market has been further improved

innovation, the soul of Huawei servers

why can Huawei achieve such remarkable results in only 4 or 5 years after entering the enterprise market? The key is not only the accumulation before, but also the continuous innovation. Not to mention the accumulation. Before entering the enterprise market, Huawei has been struggling in the operator market for more than 20 years, and has become a leading enterprise in the operator market all over the world, which of course depends on its strength. The focus of this article is still on innovation to see what Huawei has to learn. Of course, it is too vain to talk about innovation. Therefore, we should better show it to you through some practical products

Huawei servers that continue to innovate

as we all know, each historical period has a label that belongs to that era. I still remember that when someone first proposed cloud computing and big data, many people didn't know what it could bring to us, but when these concepts were put into practice, we became reluctant to put them down. The same is true for servers. The above figure is a development history of Huawei servers. Since 2002, there have been some innovative products and technologies applied every once in a while, and many of them can be said to be the first in the industry

it's too old to say. Take several products in recent years as examples. The first is Huawei fusionserverx6800 high-density data center server. The 4U chassis supports a variety of server nodes, including computing, storage and i/o. It can be flexibly selected to meet the actual needs of different businesses, which is undoubtedly the biggest innovation

secondly, it supports the separate plugging and maintenance of the hard disk frame to realize the hot plugging of the hard disk, supports massive local storage and SSD new technology, and a large number of implanted devices of renewable tissue are supporting the front/rear outgoing line and front/rear maintenance in clinical experiments at home and abroad, which not only meets the capacity and performance requirements, but also ensures the simplicity of maintenance

I won't say much about the advantages of centralized power supply, heat dissipation and support for high-voltage DC. In short, in today's era of cloud computing and big data, such a product can undoubtedly give users more convenience (flexible collocation, convenient maintenance, energy conservation), truly achieve multiple uses of one machine, and give users more added value on the basis of stability and reliability

after finishing X6800, let's talk about Huawei fusionserver rh8100v3 eight way server. It adopts an innovative high reliability design to support the hot plugging and full redundancy of key components, especially the plugging and plugging of memory modules, which can support the replacement of faulty memory without interruption of the system. This is Huawei's original high reliability technology in the industry, and this design can greatly improve the availability of the system

first of all, its Ras characteristics, namely reliability, availability and maintainability, are emphasized because of its application field. With more and more users of u2l and r2ia, the high-end x86 server market is getting hotter and hotter. PCU is more antioxidant than UHMWPE, and most server players have flocked in. What are the characteristics of Huawei? RAS is a very important point. Huawei officially calls it the ras2.0 era. Compared with the 1.0 era, the biggest feature is to change passive waiting into active prevention. It is reported that there is an active fault analysis engine in the rh8100v3 eight way server, which can better prevent emergencies

in addition to the outstanding performance of Ras features, rh8100v3, as the flagship product of the new generation of Huawei servers, supports 8 intelxeonev2 and V3 series processors, which can provide excellent computing power and expansion capacity, support 60 Ras features, and select modular design to achieve unpacking free maintenance. It can meet the smooth upgrade of multiple modules such as CPU, memory and i/o

in addition to high-density and key business servers, there is another product worth mentioning, Huawei e9000 blade server and fusioncube, a fusion architecture that integrates software solutions. Why should we emphasize such a product? Aren't there many similar products? There are indeed similar products, but Huawei is different from those. The traditional integration architecture mainly solves the problem of integration, that is, more researchers only test different sizes and filling structures, which combine the modules of computing, storage and networking, while Huawei is designed based on the needs of customers and future business applications. Therefore, it is more flexible, convenient and more in line with the needs of customers

for example, it adds distributed storage software on the basis of flexible hardware, provides shared storage resource pool in the way of software defined storage, and integrates management and virtualization

moreover, Huawei fusioncube can also pre integrate the cloud operating system, provide enterprises with an integrated cloud solution, build a powerful private cloud in a few hours, fully realize the cloudization of computing, storage and network, and allocate CPU, memory, storage and other resources to different business systems as needed. At the same time, in terms of management, whether physical resources or virtual resources, administrators can maintain computing, storage and network devices in a unified management and operation platform, which greatly reduces the burden on IT personnel and allows them to have more time and energy to focus on business support

more products will not be detailed here one by one. It is no exaggeration to say that from the rise of cloud computing and big data, to the opening of key businesses, and then to the integration to super integration, while moving with the trend of the times, Huawei has indeed embarked on a development path with Huawei's innovative characteristics

what the customer says is really good

it may not be convincing to simply say that Huawei servers are good here. Therefore, here are some customer cases to show the application of Huawei servers more completely and comprehensively

first look at French lighting entertainment. French lighting is a well-known animation film studio under American Lighting entertainment company. Maybe you will feel very strange, so you will be very familiar with the cute little yellow man. French lighting is providing animation design and production work for Hollywood giant Universal Studios

it is reported that French lighting has an urgent need for computing when rendering each animation. Frequent data access is one of its characteristics, which has high requirements for the performance of the rendering system. In the face of such demands, Huawei provided it with a solution of e9000 integrated architecture blade server. Through this cooperation, France lighting alleviated the current shortage of IT resources, laid a solid foundation for subsequent business development, and further consolidated its leadership in the field of animation special effects

brunomahe, technical director of French lighting entertainment company, said that on the business platform supporting animation production and achieving animation effects, we will face many it challenges, including system scalability and grading. Huawei helps us deploy cloud computing, servers, storage and other resources to meet these challenges, which will help us make animated films that audiences prefer

perhaps you will think that an animation company is not convincing enough. Let's take a look at what two Big Macs in China's two typical industries say, one is industrial and Commercial Bank of China, a leader in the financial industry, and the other is China Petrochemical Group, a leader in the energy industry

first, as the core of ICBC, basic business platforms such as CRM, financial management, performance management, risk management, information management, as well as customized businesses such as customer feature analysis and precision marketing require stable and reliable infrastructure. In order to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of the business, the server carrying the banking business must also be stable and reliable, and the annual average availability rate must be at least greater than 99.999%

in 2014, after strict POC testing and trial operation, Huawei rh5885v3 server was deployed to the production system of the data center of ICBC head office to undertake a number of core businesses

look at China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation. With the continuous expansion of business, the data volume of the financial statement system of China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation has increased rapidly. The current data volume is 30tbbw, and the later data volume will increase rapidly to 100TB. Li Jianfeng, deputy director of Sinopec information management department, said that after comparison, we chose sapedwhana. But this technology also needs to match with the hardware platform. After weighing, we chose Huawei as a long-term partner

it is reported that Sinopec has adopted Huawei fusioncubehana super fusion infrastructure scheme (9 * 2TB prod, 4 * 1TB DEV) to build a petrochemical master data warehouse to support Sinopec's production and operation

from the above three cases, it is obvious that Huawei servers maximize their advantages and bring the spirit of innovation to the market on the premise of meeting the needs of users. While gaining profits, there is also a voice in the server market, that is, innovation is an indispensable characteristic in the market

at the end

innovation is one of the important factors for Huawei's servers to be based on the market. Like the blood flowing in the dragon's body, it is the evidence for the family to thrive. Huawei people have always had a strong understanding of innovation and have always adhered to it. Innovation makes Huawei servers differentiated at the product level, and imperceptibly makes Huawei servers embark on an innovative development path. Therefore, we have reason to believe that Huawei will reap a better future

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