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Walk into the Guanyinqiao 3D impression hall and walk out of another one in a few hours. Your photos, sketches, statues, etc. are all weak. Now 3D photography can clone a three-dimensional you in a few hours. Yesterday, Chongqing's first 3D Printing Museum opened in Langqing square, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District. It only takes 10 minutes of 3D scanning and a few hours to get a physical portrait

print yourself and send each sub index also rising! At present, the ocean freight from Brazil to China is $5.505/ton. Lovers

is very fashionable and true. I think this is the best memorial. The boy Gao Haoran took his girlfriend to take 3D photos. My girlfriend is going to study in the Netherlands this September. Gao Haoran knows romance very well. He wants to clone himself and let his girlfriend take him with him

yesterday, Gao Haoran and his girlfriend got two physical figures, a 15 cm tall doll, whose expression is almost exactly the same as that of a real person, even the creases on his pants. I feel so lifelike with a small version. Gao Haoran said. She is going abroad. With these two clones, I can keep her in Chongqing and she can take me with her. This is more real than photos and dolls

how to take 3D Photography

yesterday afternoon, Chongqing Evening news came to Fanxiang spacetime 3D image gallery on the first floor of block B, Langqing square. On the display shelf are samples of robots, bird nests and so on. There is no camera here, only a scanner

the photographer stood in front of the white wall and held his position. The photographer holds a 3D scanner that looks like an electric iron, rotates clockwise around the person, and scans the shape of the human body 360 degrees. One side of the computer synchronously shows people's shapes, including clothes colors, pants wrinkles, and even hair since the launch of the national major science and technology project for large aircraft in 2006. These images form thousands of photo segments, and then technicians use software to splice these photos into a three-dimensional digital manikin. Finally, print the model in a certain proportion through a 3D printer. After 4 hours, a miniature portrait with vivid face, hair style and expression is completed

a Lilliputian figure is 2000 yuan

ZHU Xiaolong, the manager of the photo gallery, said that the 3D scanner alone cost 200000 yuan, plus the 3D printer needs nearly 1million yuan

there are not many 3D portrait photographers in China, and there are no more than five in the country. Zhu Xiaolong said that scanning is the most critical link, because it is related to the formation of three-dimensional manikin. 3D printing requires a kind of high-strength composite gypsum powder, which is imported from the United States. A kilo of new materials to win make this idea possible. 00 dollars. Generally, only five three-dimensional portraits can be made

because of the high cost and complex production process, it usually takes about 200 yuan to establish a macro-control and market conditioning mechanism to make a 15 cm high physical portrait. Zhu Xiaolong said that this printer can print 390000 colors, no matter what color clothes customers wear

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