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Type anti-counterfeiting laser marking machine

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type and can print anti-counterfeiting laser marking machine mainly includes laser system, external light path system, constant temperature cooling system, electric control system, computer control system and transmission system. Its structural design adopts YAG continuous laser and high-speed vibrating lens. When the laser system and high-speed vibrating lens remain stationary, the displacement or speed compensation is set by the marking control part to carry out laser marking on the surface of continuously moving packaging materials. One marking can form two overlapping clear permanent anti-counterfeiting marks on the inner and outer packaging materials at the same time, and the production, arrangement, and The output and changes are controlled by the computer system, Nguyen said. This kind of laser marking machine has fast marking speed, clear and permanent marking, which is easy to distinguish. You should also pay special attention to this point. It has good anti-counterfeiting effect and is difficult to counterfeit

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