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The strong get together! In this international exhibition, XCMG hoisting equipment, position C

wheel type, tower type, crawler type

bridge type, portal type, floating ship type

how many kinds of lifting equipment

are behind the infrastructure mania

vigorously perform miracles

the latest international lifting equipment exhibition

the strong from all walks of life gathered most fully

Henan Changyuan, a famous city of lifting machinery in China

Xuzhou, Jiangsu, the capital of construction machinery in China

for the first time

that is, the extraordinary spark with a value of more than 80million orders


April 26, The 7th China Changyuan international Hoisting Equipment Expo and Trade Fair was grandly opened in Xinxiang, Henan Province. 160 hoisting equipment related enterprises from home and abroad gathered to share and display achievements, exchange information and negotiate cooperation

leaders of relevant national, provincial and municipal ministries and commissions, experts and scholars gathered, and Wang Min, chairman and party secretary of XCMG, attended the exhibition as a special guest

in the field of gantry cranes, indoor cranes and other lifting equipment, Henan Changyuan has created several world firsts. With the influence of the industry, it has siphoned resources from all parties, and has held seven consecutive lifting equipment fairs

this year, the global leading enterprise of construction machinery and the leader of wheeled cranes is expected to join XCMG, the leader of low-level pressure bearing operation in the scrap steel market in the near future. It is the first time to participate in the exhibition, with several types of cranes, such as truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, aerial work vehicles, which are respectively connected with the lubricating oil system and ammonia system of the body, and equipped with hard cores. As the only outdoor exhibitor, it shows its deep technical strength and product portfolio advantages

ace division, high light out of the circle

15 XCMG equipment were lined up at the exhibition site. XCMG ace division wheel crane team occupied the strongest C position, and a variety of powerful tools for getting rich from 12 tons to 130 tons were displayed. These are not only the main models that meet market demand and user development, but also XCMG's cutting-edge technology and forward-looking design for large tonnage products to the full range of products, The most technological and competitive model incubated

with the visit mode of open test drive and the interesting and interactive operation experience, the on-site users can feel the beauty of XCMG's leading technology and large-scale heavy weapons made of indestructible handicrafts from a close distance

the strong market demand not only brings fire to heavy equipment such as wheeled cranes, but also smart and portable truck mounted cranes and aerial work vehicles are also popular here

relying on XCMG's advanced boom R & D technology, the four high-altitude operation platforms including xgs34 and xgs28 fully evaluated the process risks and a full range of shear forklifts, which are safe, reliable, flexible and efficient, energy-saving and environmental protection, and highly intelligent, demonstrate XCMG's strong strength in lean manufacturing

new truck mounted cranes suitable for complex working conditions are unveiled. The new generation of G series straight arm truck mounted cranes, large tonnage folding boom truck cranes, and customized crawler cranes have a rich product spectrum to meet customers' different construction needs

delivered in batches, selling like a tide

orders for cranes with a total value of more than 80million have been finalized

not only the booth is popular, but also the special order meeting for cranes held by XCMG at the right time and place by virtue of the east wind of Changyuan international Lifting Equipment Expo has become the second scene of the crowd

from products to technology, from spare parts to services, XCMG truly makes profit by providing customers with the most considerate and comprehensive construction solutions. The enthusiasm of the participants flared up again, and the popular models were hard to stop

at the order meeting, orders for cranes with a total value of more than 80 million were finalized. Various types of cranes, including popular new models such as xca300 and xca130, will follow the footsteps of Henan hoisters to spread to the country

at the order meeting, Wang Min, as a veteran rooted in the construction machinery industry for more than 40 years, shared his experience of the development of the engineering crane industry, and talked about the fate and friendship of fighting side by side with Henan hoisters, which aroused a warm resonance on the scene

XCMG is an enterprise with soul, roots and cultural heritage. XCMG's best product is construction machinery, and the core is construction crane. We want to build a Rolls Royce in the crane industry. We will always focus on technology leadership and indestructibility to make a breakthrough in handicrafts

XCMG, help you succeed! The success of users is always the greatest success pursued by XCMG. Standing at the new node of the 14th five year plan, polystrand is a manufacturer of reinforced plastic composites. XCMG will always work together with customers and friends to strengthen the industry and make China's super lifting equipment and China's hoisting industry a world-class bright business card

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