China accelerates kinetic energy conversion in the

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China accelerates the transformation of kinetic energy in the energy field

with the uncertain situation in the international energy field and the strong encouragement and support of national policies, China's energy industry will continue to move towards a cleaner road in the future

on March 7, the National Energy Administration issued the guiding opinions on energy work in 2018, proposing that China will accelerate the green development of energy and further expand the clean energy industry in 2018. Orderly promote the utilization of natural gas and accelerate the clean and efficient development and utilization of traditional energy. It is clear that the total national energy consumption in 2018 will be controlled at about 4.55 billion tons of standard coal. The proportion of non fossil energy consumption increased to about 14.3%, the proportion of natural gas consumption increased to about 7.5%, and the proportion of coal consumption decreased to about 59%. The total energy production in China is controlled at 3.66 billion tons of standard coal. Among them, the output of coal is 3.7 billion tons, the output of crude oil is 190 million tons, the output of natural gas is 160 billion cubic meters, the installed capacity of non fossil energy power generation is 740 million KW, and the power generation capacity is 2 trillion kwh

coal capacity reduction "according to local conditions". According to the statistical data recently released by the National Bureau of statistics, in recent years, the layout of China's coal industry has been continuously adjusted and optimized. The stable and solid production center of coal is increasingly concentrated in regions with good resource endowment and strong competitiveness, such as Shanxi, Shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. Why is the small panel control system not widely used in some regions with more small and medium-sized coal mines and the east? In response to such questions, the raw coal production in the developed areas of the Ministry of Commerce has declined rapidly

exploration and development of clean energy should be beneficial. The "opinions" proposed to adhere to the "invigorating retained reserves and accelerating the discovery and production of new reserves", strengthen the exploration and development of conventional oil and gas resources, and ensure the basic stability of oil production; Increase the exploration and development efforts of shale gas, coalbed methane, deepwater oil and gas if the instrument CPU (generally 89C52) i/0 has no output source, so as to ensure the rapid growth of natural gas production. The data released by the National Bureau of statistics on March 19 showed that in 2017, China's crude oil output was 191.51 million tons, a decrease of 4.1% over the previous year, and the decline was 2.8 percentage points narrower than the previous year. The natural gas output was 148.03 billion cubic meters, an increase of 8.2% over the previous year, and the growth rate was 6.5 percentage points faster than the previous year; Compared with 2012, the average annual growth rate was 6%, a record high

this year, efforts will be made to solve the problem of clean energy consumption and enhance the emergency capacity of oil and gas reserves. Securities quoted industry insiders as saying that the opinions once again listed nuclear power as a key development object, and the key policy changed from "safe development" in 2016 and 2017 to "steady promotion", and proposed "more and more" to promote consumption. The opinions proposes to promote the development and expansion of new modes and new business forms of energy production and consumption. It also made specific guidance on improving the guarantee capacity, enhancing the emergency capacity of oil and gas reserves, and accelerating the reform of oil and gas system

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