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Harbin steel market one week review 1.5

Harbin news: this week (1..9) Harbin steel market as a whole is in the rising channel, in which the rise is mainly concentrated in plate, medium plate, cold and hot rolling have yuan adjustment; The details are as follows:

building materials: the construction steel market in Harbin has increased. The current market sales price of Tonggang 6.5mm general line is 3550 yuan/ton, the market sales price of Tonggang and Xilin 6.5mm high-speed wire is 3650 yuan/ton, the mainstream sales price of Tonggang, Xilin and Wugang 12-14 thread is 3700 yuan/ton, and the mainstream sales price of Tonggang, Xilin and Jianlong 16-25mm thread is 3550 yuan/ton, with a cumulative increase of 50-100 yuan/ton. After the festival, due to the impact of the price policy hike of local leading steel mills during the festival, and the overall inventory of construction steel in the local market remained low, the varieties and specifications were uneven, and the prices of merchants were disorderly. Due to the merchants' reservations about the later trend and cautious operation, but the existing inventory is not much, the psychological performance of merchants' reluctance to sell is still relatively obvious, and the demand for terminal procurement has been released recently, which has a certain degree of support for the current price. It is expected that the construction steel of Chengdu metropolitan area will still operate at a high level in the short term

medium plate: the medium plate Market in Harbin is strong and upward. At present, the market sales price of 8mm medium plate produced by Tiangang is 4450 yuan/ton, that of 10mm medium plate produced by Tiangang is 4050 yuan/ton, that of 16-25mm medium plate produced by Tiangang is 3850 yuan/ton, that of 16-25mm low alloy plate produced by Tiangang is 4050 yuan/ton, and that of 16-25mm low alloy plate produced by Jigang and Angang is 4050 yuan/ton, with a price increase of about 200 yuan/ton. From the perspective of market performance, after the new year's Day holiday, the local medium board market, under the influence of the reduction of resource supply and the continuous rise of hot coil prices, local traders raised their quotations for the medium board. At present, the price rise of the medium board in the market is mainly based on the shortage of resources and the passive follow-up after the rise of related varieties. According to traders, most ixsenic projects in the local market today began 10 years ago. The quotation of sub traders is generally higher than the mainstream price in the market, and the limited resources with a slightly lower price may be taken away by other traders. However, at present, the amount of resources flowing downstream is still relatively small. The situation of shipbuilding and machinery processing industry has improved slightly, but the demand is still difficult to release

in terms of cold and hot coils: the rise in Harbin hot coil market remains the same. At present, the price of 2.0mm hot coils produced by Angang Steel is 4280 yuan/ton, the price of 2.5mm hot coils produced by Angang Steel is 4050 yuan/ton, the price of 2.751 mm hot coils with ball screws is the same as 4000 yuan/ton, the price of saddle and this 3.0mm hot coils is 3900 yuan/ton, and the price of saddle and this 4.75-7.5mm hot coils is 3750 yuan/ton, an increase of 150 yuan/ton compared with the same period last week. It is understood that the main factors for the rise in local selling prices are: on the one hand, although the overall market inventory is not large, the traditional aerogel gel production technology, and the pressure on merchants to ship is not large; on the other hand, the hot-rolled delivery price continues to rise sharply in the days after the festival in the futures market. Affected by this, the spot market in sensitive northern regions has also increased significantly, prompting local merchants to follow up actively, safely and reliably, However, it is difficult to see a good performance near the weekend, and the downstream demand of the market is still difficult to digest after the excessive pull-up in the early stage. Therefore, on the whole, it is expected that the local market is more likely to fluctuate and consolidate. In terms of cold plate: at present, the sales price of 1.0mm*1000*2000 cold plate produced by Angang is 4700 yuan/ton, the sales price of 2.0mm*1000*2000 cold plate is 4650 yuan/ton, the sales price of 2.5mm*1000*2000 cold plate is 4650 yuan/ton, and the sales price of 3.0mm*1000*2000 cold plate is 4700 yuan/ton. According to the market situation, although the cold and hot-rolled markets have shown a rising trend since the holiday, the demand has not been able to perform well. The price increase is mainly supported by the lack of goods. Therefore, the market tension is still weak. Most dealers' quotations have been flat at the beginning, and the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market is relatively strong. At the same time, from the perspective of the relevant hot-rolled futures market, As of the morning closing, the delivery price of each month has shown a downward trend. Therefore, for the future market, it is expected that the local market will be vulnerable in the short term

in terms of large and medium-sized profiles: the market of large and medium-sized profiles in Harbin has maintained a strong operation. At present, the market price of Tonggang 5# angle steel is 3500 yuan/ton, and the market price of 8# angle steel is 3600 yuan/ton. The sales price of aisang 16 × channel steel is 3600 yuan/ton; The price of a steel 12 I-beam is 3700 yuan/ton, and the price of 25 I-beam is 4400 yuan/ton. From the market information, the overall stabilization of the local profile market is still in progress. Although the price has begun to rise after the pre holiday reduction in the relevant building materials market, the local profile market has limited demand, resulting in weak market price inflation, and the selling price has to wait and see with the support of less goods. However, from the surrounding markets, individual varieties show a steady and rising trend, prompting the local dealers to have a better mentality, From this perspective, it is expected that the local profile market will be stable and promising in the short term

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