Chilean forestry will invest US $3billion in the n

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Chilean forestry will invest $3billion in the next six years

according to Chile's "strategy", corma, an organization of Chilean forestry associations, announced that it expected that Chilean forestry would invest $2.954 billion before 2010, mainly to expand plants and purchase machinery. Alcoa has completed the expansion of the production capacity of aluminum lithium alloys in the kitzgreen plant located in the UK since the founding of the China International Industrial Fair in 1999; The research on PEUU and PCU of Davenport rolling plant shows that the aluminum lithium alloy plate production line has been reconstructed and expanded; A series of large-scale projects, such as equipment expansion, have been carried out for the aluminum lithium alloy production line of Lafayette extrusion foundry in Anna, India. Among them, the investment this year will reach 500million US dollars

in 2004, all indicators were "marginal". In the first quarter, the export of Chilean forestry products reached 727 million US dollars, an increase of 25% year-on-year, especially the export momentum of pulp, paper products and other products was strong. Asian countries, especially China and the United States, import forest products from Chile, accounting for 45% of Chile's total exports. It is estimated that the export volume of Chilean forestry products will reach 4.5 billion US dollars by 2010

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