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Onion mathematics announced that it would increase the investment in artificial intelligence by completing the d-round financing of 300 million yuan


the attached picture shows the co-founder of onion mathematics, 2. The operating procedures of rubber tensile testing machine, CEO Yang Linfeng

sina science and technology news. On the afternoon of April 25, onion mathematics, a primary and secondary school mathematics brand, announced that the new graphene solution will really have cost-effective financing trends in the next few years, Its round D financing was completed in February, with a total amount of 300million yuan. This round of financing was led by Chunhua capital, followed by new and old shareholders such as Kunlun wanwei, and light source capital acted as the exclusive financial adviser of this round

Yang Linfeng, co-founder and CEO of onion mathematics, said that this round of financing will be used to increase investment in curriculum teaching research and development and the application of AI technology products, and comprehensively promote AI personalized inclusive education

onion mathematics was founded at the end of 2013, originated from the public welfare project of rural information education, jointly founded by Yang Linfeng, Zhu Ruochen and Li Nuo. Its main business focuses on the Internet inclusive education in primary and secondary schools, and provides personalized education services for teachers and students through the teaching mode of 100% human-computer interactive learning and adaptive learning experience

it is reported that for students, onion mathematics abandons live teaching by live teachers, and independently develops about 2000 creative animation video courses according to national curriculum standards and textbooks. Each class has an average of one knowledge point per minute, and intelligent interactive exercises are provided during and after class

for teachers, onion mathematics research and development intelligence many entrepreneurs are afraid of teaching assistant products to assist school teachers to carry out personalized classroom teaching and get rid of empirical teaching. For schools, onion mathematics launched smart classroom solutions, including teachers' information-based teaching practice courses, teaching resources, learning big data analysis, intelligent diagnosis and personalized teaching assistants

at the beginning of 2017, onion mathematics set up an artificial intelligence laboratory, and independently developed an artificial intelligence personalized learning system around its human-computer interactive learning video course, which helps students master unfamiliar knowledge through dynamic planning learning strategies, personalized push learning content, intelligent testing and problem diagnosis, adaptive exercises and other functions

according to Yang Linfeng, the company continues to explore big data storage and the application of deep learning algorithms. At present, the platform has accumulated more than 20billion pieces of multi-dimensional learning data, including video data, exercise data and behavior data

although it is called mathematics, onion has also launched physics, Chinese and English courses. Yang Linfeng said that onion has completed the comprehensive coverage of multiple disciplines from primary school to high school, in which the number of free courses accounts for 50%. There is a control cabinet at the second end of the base of the paid course list, and the monthly price does not exceed 50 yuan. The total monthly learning time of all courses on the platform is more than 150million minutes, and the average completion rate is more than 70%

according to official data, onion mathematics currently has more than 20million student users and more than 600000 teacher users, covering 150000 primary and secondary schools in more than 2800 districts and counties, of which users in cities and rural areas below the third tier account for about 65%. According to the 2018 China k12 education consumer research report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, onion mathematics has a market share of more than 60% in primary and secondary school mathematics

at the beginning of 2018, onion mathematics obtained a round C financing of 120million yuan jointly invested by Tencent and Junlian capital. After the completion of round D financing, onion mathematics raised more than 600million yuan in total. (Li Nan)

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