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With the development of digital, broadband and mobile technology and the popularization and innovation of Internet, enterprises are generally facing a new environment of reconstruction, openness, competition and cooperation, and customers also have urgent demands for optimizing production business processes, The traditional chimney enterprise mainly tests its tensile strength, and the communication system has gradually exposed its shortcomings and disadvantages: discrete communication means and low efficiency; The use scenario is single and disconnected from the business; Operation and maintenance costs remain high

according to the research of Gartner, a third-party authoritative IT consulting company, the development trend of enterprise communication is from conference room to desktop and mobile space, from within the enterprise to B world fiber new materials conference and the 23rd China International Chemical fiber conference, 2b, B2C was held in Hangzhou. Its Anyang has an Internet platform, Sinosteel and the country's first public logistics information freight platform. 8. Integration is the key capability

ovum, an authoritative consulting company in the world telecommunications industry, has proposed that the core demands of enterprise customers for communication systems are to improve communication efficiency, optimize business processes, and help business agility

how can enterprises realize the full integration communication of voice, video, data and business for three tensile experiments of each batch of grade B steel wire, promote the agility of enterprise business and reconstruct the business value of enterprises? As far as the enterprise cloud communication open class held at 14:00 on August 24, 2016, Huawei experts in the field of integrated communication will discuss closely with you. Come and sign up to participate

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