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Inner Mongolia: secret visit to disposable tableware

recently, the national environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center under the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China issued document No. 12 of 2005, "report on disposable tableware, food packaging bags/film products". In order to strengthen the management of food plastic packaging products, the state will implement a compulsory certification system for food plastic packaging products enterprises, which means that enterprises producing plastic bags and disposable plastic tableware must pass this certification, otherwise they cannot be reproduced

recently, many enthusiastic readers have called this newspaper to ask whether disposable tableware in Hohhot market is safe and hygienic. With the questions of many readers, they interviewed the hygiene status of disposable tableware and related napkins in Hohhot

★ unannounced interview

[there is much greasy in the sanitary chopsticks

came to Hohhot dongwayao market wholesale market. In the city, the central weight-bearing core of the artificial intervertebral disc is the PCU field, and found two wholesale shops that wholesale disposable tableware and hotel supplies

"if you need anything, come in and have a look." Seeing that there was business coming, the boss greeted him warmly. "Are you wholesale or retail here?" ask while knowing the answer. "Both. If you want a large quantity, it can be cheaper. If you want a small quantity, it's a little more expensive. It's retail." "Come and have a look first. Many hotels and restaurants in Hohhot stock from here. We sell several boxes of chopsticks every day." The boss said proudly to

after entering the house, I saw that the chopsticks, which are very simple and common in small restaurants, were wrapped with a piece of white paper on one end and exposed on the other. "How much is this?" Asked, "11 yuan and 50 cents." "No, it's so expensive." "It's not expensive here. On average, a pair is less than 10 cents." It used to be a bundle of 11 yuan and 50 cents. On average, it has been gradually replaced by peek melters in recent years. We reported that Wacker silica gel and endersingenieure Co., Ltd. are developing a UV printing process of 125 pairs. Roughly, the average price of each pair is about 9 cents

"are there any cheaper ones?" "What do you do? If you sell that street snack, you don't need to buy it so expensive. This one is OK." The boss took out a bundle of chopsticks from another box. I saw that chopsticks were wrapped in a particularly thin plastic paper with the words "high temperature disinfection" written on the plastic bag, "how much is this?" "2 yuan." "2 yuan?" A little surprised, "how many pairs?" "90 pairs." "How much is an average pair?" "2 points 2." In addition to surprise or surprise. Chopsticks wrapped in white paper cost an average of 9 cents a pair, while those wrapped in plastic all over the body, which seems to be more hygienic, cost so much less. "How could it be so bad?" "The quality is different. This kind of chopsticks is of poor quality. It will break with a little force." As the boss said, he gently broke the chopsticks with his hands. Sure enough, he didn't work hard, and the chopsticks began to bend. After letting go, the chopsticks didn't rebound and were still curved. "See? This is cheap." "Are these chopsticks hygienic?" "Why is it unsanitary? Doesn't it say high temperature disinfection on it?" "But it's so cheap. Is it possible to disinfect?" "I don't know whether it's disinfected or not. Anyway, it says on it. After reading so much, what kind do you want to buy?" Hurried to leave on the pretext of looking again

☆ there are hidden dangers in napkins and boxes

napkins are often used by people after eating, and the quality of napkins is directly related to the health of people. In a wholesale market in Huimin District of Hohhot, I bought a stack of napkins for the reason of opening a restaurant, and found many problems

"a packet of napkins costs a few cents, which is a big discount." The boss said to him, "how about the quality?" Ask, "no problem, they are all sent directly by the manufacturer, and they are all disinfected." "This is the cheapest." "Can you guarantee the quality?" "Yes, the manufacturer delivers directly." After looking over and over for several times, I couldn't find the words that had been disinfected, "how can I ensure that I have been disinfected without writing disinfection?" "No problem, don't worry, it's disinfected even if it's not written." The boss said

in this market, it is also found that most of the lunch boxes sold on the market have no production date, and even some lunch boxes do not even have the name and address of the factory, only with a general agent in Inner Mongolia and a number on the outer package. Can consumers feel at ease with such a lunch box

★ point of view

☆ poisonous lunch boxes are easy to cause a variety of diseases

the inspectors of the national environmental protection product quality supervision and Inspection Center said that if there is a precipitate dissolved in the meal in the lunch box, it is easy for consumers to eat, and the longer the meal is placed in the lunch box, the greater its dissolution

generally speaking, the temperature of hot meals is about 60 degrees Celsius. After evaporating the soaking solution of the lunch box, the inspectors found that a lot of white residues were separated out from the cup. The main component of these residues is industrial calcium carbonate. At the same time, they also contain harmful substances such as heavy metals lead and chromium, and the content exceeds the requirements of national standards, with the highest exceeding 160 times. It is understood that eating this industrial calcium carbonate is easy to form gallstones and kidney stones. Industrial calcium carbonate contains a lot of heavy metals containing lead, which is very harmful to the digestive tract and nervous system of human body. Recycled plastics and industrial paraffin contain benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other harmful substances, which will also cause damage to the human nervous system and hematopoietic system

★ response

☆ the health department

interviewed a staff member of Saihan District Health Bureau in Hohhot about whether sanitary chopsticks are disinfected and whether the low price is normal. The staff member told that the low price alone could not determine whether chopsticks were qualified, but it was obviously abnormal if the sales price was significantly lower than the cost price. Chopsticks sold in the market will be polluted even if they are disinfected at high temperature

☆ Department of industry and Commerce

a staff member surnamed MA in the Xincheng District branch of Hohhot Administration for Industry and Commerce told that the maintenance of the press was very necessary. There was no production date, factory name and address, which belonged to three no products. The relevant departments would punish and deal with it in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The provisions of Inner Mongolia ancient autonomous region on investigating the production and sale of fake and shoddy products also clearly stipulates this

★ postscript

in view of the situation seen in the interview in dongwayao wholesale market, Saihan District, Hohhot, contact Saihan District Industrial and commercial branch to report to the industrial and commercial office skillfully. The staff of the industrial and commercial office said that the director was not present and must be reported before handling. Then he contacted the director of safety of Saihan District Industrial and commercial bureau, and the director of safety said that the inspection would be carried out in the near future

source: Inner Mongolia Morning Post

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