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The one yuan "rest assured bowl" has been hotly debated in all quarters

whether the tableware is hygienic is the focus of public attention. During this period of time, Hefei citizens have found that more and more small and medium-sized restaurants have introduced a tableware called reassurance bowl

this kind of tableware, which is said to be cleaned and disinfected by professional companies, is favored by some citizens. However, you have to pay for using the rest assured bowl. This also makes citizens feel puzzled: isn't it the responsibility of restaurants to provide consumers with hygienic tableware

what is the difference between the rest assured bowl and ordinary tableware? Who should pay for the expenses incurred? This was investigated

six piece set into small and medium-sized hotels

the hotel provides a complete set of packaged tableware in the too high-precision force measurement system, all of which have been professionally disinfected, which is great! Recently, when dining out, Ms. min sun from a provincial city suddenly found a tableware called "reassurance bowl" in the restaurant

Ms. Sun said that at present, the tire has entered the trial production stage. It is a set of tableware sealed and packaged in plastic bags, including bowls, tea cups, wine cups, dishes, spoons and chopsticks. When eating, just open the plastic packaging. The visit found that at present, many small and medium-sized hotels in the provincial capital have introduced this reassuring bowl, and it has appeared in local restaurants, lobster shops, and specialty restaurants

however, the popularity of reassurance bowls in Hefei is not high. According to the statistics of the national disinfection Industry Association, by the end of July this year, 1126 professional tableware disinfection companies had been established across the country, including Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Gansu, Hainan and other provinces and regions. Hefei's first professional tableware disinfection company approved by the health department was established in October 2006. Yesterday, the person in charge of the company told that the promotion effect in recent months was good. 200 small and medium-sized hotels in Hefei used the disinfected tableware distributed by the company, and 8000 sets of tableware were recycled every day

it is reported that there are twoorthree such enterprises in Hefei at present, and the number of assured bowl hotels has reached fourorfive, but compared with the total number of more than 5000 small and medium-sized hotels, the penetration rate is still not high

the public was a little puzzled when they applauded

in the interview, the public generally said that the emergence of sterile tableware was undoubtedly a good thing. The tableware in the restaurant is often oily. I have to scald it with boiling water every time. Mr. Chu, a citizen, said that in the past, the cleaning and disinfection of tableware in small and medium-sized restaurants were not reassuring, and the emergence of reassuring bowls made him have no hidden health concerns when eating out

however, the hotel charges for providing this kind of reassurance bowl. A set of reassurance bowls is generally charged 1 yuan per use. The waiter of a special restaurant in the provincial capital introduced that the rest assured bowl was provided to the hotel by a professional cleaning and cleaning company, which provided the hotel with disinfected and packaged rest assured bowls and collected the used tableware at regular intervals every day for disposal. This 1 yuan is the processing fee charged by this company, and we only collect it on behalf. The waiter also said that if customers are not willing to pay 1 yuan, they will provide their own restaurant tableware and will not force customers to consume

despite this, the charge of 1 yuan still makes many citizens confused. Ms. Hu, a member of Hefei municipal government, told that it was her duty for restaurants to provide consumers with hygienic tableware. Why should they charge consumers? In addition, since there is a professional cleaning company to deal with tableware, it will also reduce the burden on the catering store. Obviously, the cost should be paid by the catering store and should not be passed on to us

in addition, some citizens also reported that some catering enterprises did not inform consumers in advance that the bowls should be charged. Ms. Qiu, the provincial capital, said that not long ago, their unit had a dinner at a local restaurant on Dongzhi Road, using 3 The contact between the toothed bar pressing plate and the toothed bar is such a reassuring bowl. I didn't know that these tableware were charged until I checked out. For this item alone, we charged 33 yuan

who will pay for the rest assured bowl

in the interview, some hotel operators told that some customers were unwilling to use the reassuring bowl after they learned that it would cost 1 yuan. The problem of cost undoubtedly hindered the promotion of reassurance bowl. So, who should pay for this one yuan

Wu Dingbing, a lawyer from Anhui Merrill Lynch law firm, told him that when he was eating in a restaurant, he saw a customer arguing with the waiter about whether to pay the 1 yuan. Lawyer Wu believes that hotels are obliged to provide clean tableware for customers. From a legal point of view, the food hygiene law clearly stipulates that tableware, drinking utensils and containers containing directly imported food provided by food producers and operators must be cleaned and disinfected before use. If the hotel is unable to deal with tableware and hand over this part of the work to a professional cleaning company, then this part of the cost should be included in the cost of the hotel and should never be passed on to consumers

just a few days ago, the China Consumer Association said that when consumers eat, catering hr30n enterprises provide supporting services, including tableware and napkins that have been disinfected and meet health standards, which has long been recognized by the society and established as a basic service content and industry service standard. The cost of service is part of the operating cost, and its cost has been included in the price of dishes. Now, some catering enterprises have changed these supporting services provided to consumers for a long time into fee based services, which is essentially a disguised reduction in the service standards agreed with consumers. Many consumers are forced to accept additional charges in order to avoid conflicts with operators when eating, and consumers' right to fair trade has been infringed. China Consumer Association believes that consumers can refuse to pay for this even if they use paid tableware

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