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China has actively promoted the green development of the printing industry

since the implementation of the green printing strategy for more than three years, a broad consensus has been formed in the industry, the awareness of green printing has been gradually established in enterprises, enterprises are paying attention to energy conservation and emission reduction, and the efforts to promote green printing are also increasing, effectively promoting the green transformation of the printing industry, which has greatly reduced the cost of modified special materials. As the supervisor of the printing industry, SARFT has been giving full play to its responsibilities to promote the development of green printing emerging industries

on July 10, 2013, Shanghai International Printing week was successfully held in Shanghai. This grand event was jointly hosted by the printing and Distribution Department of the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television and the Shanghai Publishing Bureau, with the theme of service innovation, science and technology leadership, and green development. The exhibition area covers a total area of 25000 square meters. Printing enterprises from 15 provinces and cities across the country participated in the event and brought people a number of internationally renowned new printing concepts and new scientific and technological products

at this Shanghai printing week, enterprises spread the concept of green printing by displaying their latest achievements in green printing. Shanghai printing group showed the whole chain system of flexographic printing on its 500 square meter booth. According to Shen Jianyi, general manager of Shanghai printing group, the project undertaker of textbook flexographic ink printing, after three years of experiments, textbook ink printing has printed 2million copies in total, realizing the online folding production of four-color printing, and the printing quality is close to or basically up to the level of offset printing. In addition, Dongguan Jinbei, Suda Weige optoelectronics and other companies also showed the latest green printing technology and process

it can be seen that the concept of green printing is attracting the attention of many enterprises. With the improvement of the enterprise production management concept, the society will get more environmentally friendly products, and the upper beam of the single space tensile testing machine will not be stressed in the testing process. The green printing industry is not a single project, and the continuous promotion and development cannot be separated from the support and attention of the government

the Publishing Bureau is in action. At the beginning of school in the autumn of 2013, textbook printing in various places actively responded to the call for green printing, especially in Beijing, Shanghai and other places. According to the notice on the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks (xinchulian [2012] No. 11) jointly issued by the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of environmental protection, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of publishing announced that the implementation of green printing of primary and secondary school textbooks in Beijing will be fully implemented from the autumn semester of 2013, and required that Beijing's propaganda on the implementation of green printing be attached to the copyright page of textbooks, Promote and strengthen the supply capacity of basic organic chemical raw materials such as "3 olefins", "3 benzene", ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol, styrene, propylene oxide, etc. to teenagers. Spread the concept of gemstones like environmental factoring, popularize green printing knowledge, and advocate green life. In addition, publishing units must entrust the printing of textbooks to printing enterprises that have obtained green certification. Printing enterprises should use green printing equipment and raw and auxiliary materials to print textbooks. At present, 35 printing enterprises in Beijing have passed the green certification, from which publishing units can choose independently

coincidentally, fangshizhong, director of Shanghai Publishing Bureau, also said that since September 1, Shanghai has implemented green printing of textbooks in the city, including textbooks for primary and secondary school students in the stage of compulsory education, textbooks for students in kindergartens and high schools, and teaching reference materials for teachers. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for enterprises undertaking textbook printing tasks, such as not allowing printing enterprises to bind and outsource. This call is not only the further promotion of the green printing policy, but also urges printing enterprises to continuously improve their production strength

green printing will really develop only if it gets more social support. In the critical transformation period of the printing industry, to create an upgraded version of green development and become everyone in the industry, I believe that under the multi-party linkage of government departments, enterprises and the media, the green pace of the printing industry will go faster and further

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