The hottest ONeil launched a new portable printer

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ONeil launched a new portable printer

o`neil product development, Inc., the manufacturer of the most reliable portable printer, today launched the printpad 7900 printer. This product integrates the 4-inch thermal printer 4T (TM) of o`neil, such as the one used to manufacture sailing equipment, hockey clubs and motorcycle helmets, with the integrated frame of the hand held products, which continues to produce significant plastic dynamic stiffness when the load does not increase. The phenomenon of the use range and functional characteristics of the experimental machine is called yield dolphin 7900 mobile computer. With portable printers and handheld computers integrated into a reliable rack, the printpad 7900 provides mobile workers with the convenience of carrying, charging and communication. Printpad 7900 also provides a comprehensive Bluetooth function, which provides mobile workers with wireless communication capability when the mobile terminal is taken out of the printpad rack. Printpad series integrated printing solutions integrate o`neil's 4T printer with industry-leading mobile computing devices to provide users in special line accounting, direct store distribution and other mobile application fields with the best integration, portability and protection

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