Five forbidden areas in the process of home decora

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There are many forbidden areas in the decoration. These forbidden areas cannot be demolished and damaged during the decoration process, otherwise the integrity of the building will be damaged, which will bring danger to you and your neighbors. 1. Bearing wall

bearing wall experts believe that generally, in brick and concrete buildings, all prefabricated slab walls cannot be removed or opened; Brick walls more than 24 cm are also load-bearing walls, which cannot be demolished or modified

in addition, someone opens the door and windows on the load-bearing wall, which will also damage the load-bearing of the wall, and it is not allowed. 2. Reinforcement in the wall

reinforcement experts in the wall specially remind that if the reinforcement is damaged when embedding pipelines, it will affect the bearing capacity of the wall and floor. In case of earthquake, such walls and floors are easy to collapse or fracture

beams and columns in the room. These beams and columns are used to support the upper floor slab. After removal, the upper floor slab will fall down, so it cannot be moved. 3. The low wall beside the balcony

the low wall beside the balcony generally has a door and a window on the wall between the room and the balcony. Experts said that these doors and windows can be removed, but the wall below the window cannot be moved. This section of wall is called counterweight wall, which acts as a weight to lift the balcony. Dismantling this wall will reduce the bearing capacity of the balcony and cause the balcony to fall. 4. The door frame of these doors is embedded in concrete. If they are demolished, the building structure will be damaged and the safety factor will be reduced. Moreover, the building structure of the door is destroyed, and it is more difficult to reinstall the new door. 5. Waterproof layer of toilet and kitchen

if the waterproof layer of toilet and kitchen is damaged, the downstairs will become a water curtain hole. Therefore, experts remind that when replacing ground materials, we must pay attention not to damage the waterproof layer. If it is rebuilt after damage, a 24-hour water seepage test must be carried out, that is, filling water in the kitchen or bathroom. If there is no leakage after 24 hours, it is considered qualified




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