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Kaikai wooden door, as a key brand in the industry, will also contribute to the promotion and development of the industry through China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)

from July 8 to 11, the 21st China (Guangzhou) International Architectural Decoration Expo will be grandly held in Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. The total exhibition area of this exhibition will exceed 400000 square meters. It is expected that there will be more than 2000 exhibitors and more than 170000 professionals, ranking first in the world in terms of scale

this exhibition will continue the brilliant achievements of the past 20 exhibitions, and spare no effort to promote the development of the architectural decoration industry with a complete exhibition theme, high-end cooperation framework and great industry influence. Kaikai wooden door, as a key brand in the industry, will also appear in the Guangzhou Construction Expo, contributing to the promotion and development of the industry

exhibition information

the 21st Guangzhou Construction Expo

time: July 8-july 11, 2019

location: Zone B of Pazhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall

booth number: 13.2-17

there are many exhibitors of customized home furnishings at this Construction Expo.

opening the wooden door will bring a crowd of high-value products to the Expo.

come to the Expo, you can not only see a crowd of amazing new products,

you can also witness how opening wooden doors can show brand strength with ingenious design

open the exhibition hall with a simple and atmospheric design style, break the stereotyped traditional home furnishing mode, and adopt warm color matching to add a touch of warm and harmonious colors to the space. The specially designed lighting makes the exhibition area full of soft light. The design starts from the function, style, aesthetics and other dimensions, uses a large area of gold and high-grade gray on the whole exhibition hall, and intersperses solid colors in different areas, so that minimalist art and "extravagant" aesthetics collide and fuse here. Introduce the minimalist aesthetic trend, upgrade the image of the exhibition hall, and show the brand style

as the entrance of the room, the door not only carries the basic protection function, but also conveys the aesthetic attitude of the living. Opening wooden doors not only pays attention to product quality, but also pays more attention to appearance style and texture, and actively promotes the original design of products, so that home can become a harbor for expressing ideas, reflecting taste and enjoying life

in this exhibition, we opened the wooden door to apply product elements and "luxury" aesthetics to the "luxury" world, and have been exploring a more tasteful home lifestyle to show the extraordinary charm of Kaikai to both inside and outside the industry. A variety of new wooden door products will be launched, and the customized products of the whole house will also be exhibited at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. With new materials and more refined technology, they will enjoy the fashion trend of home furnishings

starting from the concept of "simple, open a better life", adhere to the fashionable design of "simple but not simple", always pursue excellent quality, and skillfully integrate fashion elements into the design of the exhibition hall. Adhering to the theme of ingenuity, fashion and simple design, we carefully create casual and comfortable visual effects. Details and quality show the love for life, which is what people all seek in current life. Home should have a warm feeling and touch the depths of the heart

over the years, Kaikai wooden door has continued to carry out innovation and development, from green, healthy and environmental protection products to whole house home customization, and is committed to creating a new home life experience for consumers. Through technology and product advantages, it continues to increase the competitiveness of enterprises and create a leading home brand

at the 2019 Guangzhou Construction Expo, many leading enterprises in the construction and home furnishing industry gathered here to inject new strength into home furnishing and show the new style of industry development. Opening the wooden door will make a stunning appearance with products and create a new realm of life

open a door, happy family. Kaikai wooden door is committed to creating a noble, elegant and comfortable luxury life with avant-garde design concepts and a deep understanding of wood decoration technology. Kaikai people with innovative spirit will always provide perfect services for consumers with their excellent products and exquisite technology

July 8-11, 2019

the 21st Guangzhou Construction Expo

booth 17 of hall 13.2

opens, and you are invited to taste it together

talk about the future and create wealth together





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