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Who says it can't be decorated in rainy days? As long as we master the "2345 decoration law" in the construction process, it is not difficult to construct in rainy days

who said it was impossible to decorate in rainy days? As long as we master the "2345 decoration law" in the construction process, it is not difficult to construct in rainy days

Construction in rainy days 2 should not be

due to the particularity of the climate, there are two things that are not suitable for construction in rainy seasons

first, it is not suitable to feed

second, it is not suitable to paint

Construction in rainy days 3 attention

many details of decoration in rainy seasons need special attention

first, reasonably arrange the construction period. Reasonably arrange the construction process and progress according to the weather changes

second, pay attention to closing the window for dust removal. If windows are closed for construction, watering and other methods should be adopted to reduce dust in advance

third, pay attention to safety and fire prevention

rainy day construction 4 time delay

the construction period of four processes in rainy season construction needs to be extended

first, the air drying time is delayed

secondly, the grass-roots treatment is delayed. The putty and wall lining of the wall base need to be dried for a day

in addition, extend the drying time of the wall. The normal time is about two hours, and rainy days should be extended according to the weather conditions

finally, the drying time of wood paint shall not be less than 3 hours

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rainy days construction 5. The key to avoid

rainy season construction is moisture-proof. The following five kinds of work are best to avoid rainy days

first, avoid hasty construction. When choosing artificial boards such as blockboard, you should choose the one with the latest production date. When choosing wood keel materials, it is best to choose those with a longer processing time and lower moisture content

second, avoid cement treatment. Do not buy Cement in rainy days. When paving bricks on the ground in rainy days, it is best to cover the cement surface with kraft paper or plastic cloth

III. avoid laying circuits to prevent wires from being short circuited due to moisture. In places prone to rain, such as balconies, be sure to wrap the copper head exposed outside the wire when burying the wire

IV. avoid furniture. In rainy days, the air is humid, the water absorption of the plate is high, and the performance is unstable, which is easy to cause deformation and cracking, affecting the appearance and use

v. avoid paving the floor. In rainy days, the floor is easy to deform or empty, especially on the first floor, which is easy to return to moisture




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