Let's talk about door closers

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Who created the modern door closer

the modern hydraulic door closer we mentioned began with a patent registered by Americans in the early 20th century. Unlike the traditional door closer, it achieves the cushioning effect by throttling the liquid in the door closer

what effect does the door closer have besides closing the door

the center of the planning thinking of the hydraulic door closer is to complete the control of the door closing process, so that various functional objectives of the door closing process can be adjusted according to human needs. The meaning of door closer is not only to actively close the door, but also to maintain the door frame and door body (stable closing). More importantly, door closer has become an important executive part of intelligent management of modern buildings

door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but they are also used at home. They have many uses, the most important of which is to make the door self closed to limit the spread of fire and ventilation in the building

what problems should be considered when choosing door closer

before selecting the door closer, we should consider: door weight, door width, door opening frequency, application requirements and application environment, etc

door weight and door width are the conditions for selecting the type of door closer. Generally, the type with small door weight and small force is selected. First, it feels very easy when opening the door, and the device is harmonious and beautiful on the door; Second, small products are generally more economical, and vice versa

the door opening frequency is close to the quality requirements of the product

first, the door closer is required to have good sealing performance and no oil leakage. The key is the skills and raw materials of dynamic sealing; Second, the service life of the door closer is required to be long, so as to ensure the long-term and normal operation of the device, reduce the workload and cost of repair and renewal, and feel the convenience and enjoyment of the door closer products

application requirements include:

1), whether there is an active door stop function after opening the door

2), damping buffer function

damping buffer occurs after quickly opening the door to a certain direction, and the damping buffer force and scale can be adjusted according to the application requirements; This function is used to prevent the door or lock from hitting the wall when opening the door forcibly and quickly, or to prevent people from leaning forward and falling to the ground when losing weight when opening the door quickly in case of emergency escape

3). Delay and slow closing

the door is closed slowly and uniformly from the maximum direction of opening the door. It can be adjusted steplessly according to the requirements. It is suitable for use in places with ordinary income and expenditure and many people, especially in hospitals, where there are the elderly, children and the disabled, and the doors and channels of income and expenditure

4). The door closing force conditioning function

can be applied to door devices with large door weight and door width, as well as places with large door closing resistance due to environmental reasons. Random stepless conditioning can obtain satisfactory door closing force, especially in coastal cities and places where the door closing resistance of vehicles and ships often changes due to windproof

5). Operating environment: fire protection requirements (fire protection requirements), antifreeze requirements (places with minus 35 degrees in northern winter)





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