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Recently, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network visited and found that many decoration companies in Wuhan had launched the concept of "the most powerful preferential activities of the year" when competing for the share of cross year decoration. Insiders said that the advantages of New Year decoration outweigh the disadvantages. Companies rush to compete for the final sales node. At this time, promotional activities tend to be more preferential than the "May Day" and "National Day". Consumers should choose brand home decoration companies when choosing decoration companies

decoration owners who are negotiating with decoration companies (Figure)

home decoration companies compete for the market share of cross year decoration

in the "war" at the end of the year, Wuhan decoration companies have tried their best to seize the limited market share of decoration and compete for the final sales point

recently, zhemei decoration held a new year project model room solicitation activity, which upgraded services and reduced prices. Send environmental protection inspection before completion acceptance and within one year after occupancy; The upgrading of Jiangsu and Zhejiang technology at the original 16th CPC National Congress; 50% off the design fee; The direct cost of the project is reduced by 5000 when it is over 50000, and by 6000 when it is over 60000; Red envelopes for the start of construction are sent to the authentic five emperors; Electricians, carpenters and painters are all masters in Jiangsu and Zhejiang; The general manager personally inspects and supervises the construction site

Aohua decoration will hold a 2012 new year privilege appreciation meeting in three towns of Wuhan from December 1 to December 2. At this appreciation meeting, Aohua decoration will launch five surprises for New Year decoration, with a minimum deposit appreciation of 8000 yuan and a free 1000 yuan sink package. In addition, for the new year's decoration, Aohua decoration also launched three service measures, namely, high-end design services, golden diamond construction guarantee and improving construction supervision

Carnival decoration held a new year project solicitation meeting on December 2, taking the owner to visit 36 innovative processes and five-star services of the carnival. Expert designers provided one-on-one exclusive services, and prepared the Ninth Five Year Plan supreme gift! Sign up and send video monitoring of the whole decoration process to the gold medal construction team for construction and gifts! Enjoy the carnival membership service, and the decoration is expected to be free

the advantages of New Year decoration outweigh the disadvantages, which is popular with the owners.

the decoration at the end of the year is the most cost-effective. Those familiar with the home decoration industry know that in order to boost the momentum at the end of the year and reserve customers at the beginning of the next year, many home decoration companies and materials chambers of Commerce will reduce profits and attract owners to be decorated by means of discounts and concessions. In addition, designers and construction teams have relatively ample working hours, The advantages of the cross year decoration in winter over other seasons have been widely recognized by the owners

Ms. Wang, who lives in Hankou, said that in the past, decoration companies would raise prices after the beginning of the new year every year. Choosing a decoration company before the new year could save a lot of money. "I've probably calculated that I can save at least 15000 yuan by decorating a house with a decoration cost of 150000 yuan before the year." Many owners said that the air is dry in winter, and the boards are easy to dry. Compared with spring, summer and rainy season, the furniture products made are more stable. "Designers and construction teams have relatively ample working hours, slow work and meticulous work. Problems found can be rectified in time, and the decoration quality has also been improved." Said Mr. Zhang of Wuchang

it is understood that in recent years, the market price of home decoration will be adjusted at the beginning of each year, with an average increase of about 10%. The head of Yezhifeng decoration Wuhan Branch revealed that in order to clear the inventory and year-end impulse, most of the goods will be discounted and promoted, so signing the bill with the home decoration company at this time can save a lot of main material costs. "The owner can select the brand, model, price, color, shape, etc. of the main materials in advance, so as to save time for construction after the year." President Li of Aohua decoration also stressed that another advantage of signing orders before the new year and starting work after the new year is that consumers can have plenty of time to choose decoration plans with home decoration designers, so that many details that are easy to be ignored can be improved; Consumers can also use this period of time to study the decoration planning, so as to avoid delaying the construction period due to the temporary change of ideas after construction

New Year decoration brand home decoration company is more reliable

what kind of decoration company to choose for New Year decoration is also a problem of concern to consumers. According to the survey of Xiaobian, every year, some owners credulously trust small decoration companies, which leads to the delay of the construction period of their own home decoration, and some even have the situation that decoration companies donate money and run away. Here, insiders remind you that brand home decoration companies should be selected for cross year decoration. First, the quality and service of brand home decoration companies are guaranteed; second, brand home decoration companies have a mature management mechanism and will not increase prices at will at the annual meeting; The after-sales service of sanlai brand home decoration company is good

consumers can also choose decoration companies recommended by third-party platforms. For example, the owners can participate in the decoration bidding of Wuhan home decoration network, and nearly 40 brand decoration companies are for the owners of Jiangcheng to choose. In addition, the owners who participate in the decoration bidding can enjoy three decoration companies to measure the house for you for free, and there is a third-party platform of Wuhan home decoration network to supervise, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the owners' cross year decoration





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