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[Erica whole house customization] a common problem of small houses now is that the bathroom is small. How can a bathroom with dry and wet separation and comfortable use also need 6-10 square meters? But if you encounter a small house with a bathroom of only 5 square meters, what do you say? Let me teach you

wall hung toilet

hanging the toilet on the wall can save a lot of space and reduce a lot of sanitary corners compared with ordinary toilets

wall row bathroom cabinet + mirror cabinet

if you choose the column basin, you also need to put a dressing table separately, so it is recommended to choose the overall bathroom cabinet that combines the vanity and cabinet, and the drainage goes from the wall, so there is no pipe below to occupy space, and the bathroom cabinet has more storage space

u-shaped shower area

3 ㎡, you give up the separation of dry and wet? Think of some small hotels. People with less than 3 square meters can have a shower room. Although it is crowded to use, it has complete functions


wall storage is the focus of the small bathroom, because the cabinet is small and there is little storage space, so you can only go to the wall

light color system + tiles

use light color system in a small space. The wall tiles of light color system can expand the space and look cleaner. Then match with the floor tiles with darker color to press it, so as not to make the whole space too floating and top heavy





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