The BTSs of the hottest tower company are not shar

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Tower Companies' base stations do not share

Tower Companies (also known as national base station companies) under the banner of co construction and sharing may have changed due to multi-party games. Executives from Chinatelecom and China Mobile confirmed that the three operators only set up a joint venture iron tower company and do not share base stations

therefore, the national base station company or the communication facility company may have died

previously, the heads of relevant departments and bureaus of the Ministry of industry and information technology confirmed at the official meeting that at present, the three basic telecom enterprises are studying to jointly establish a communication facilities company with the purpose of realizing co construction and sharing and saving resource costs

the industry thinks that the iron tower company is unreliable

1. The entry of private enterprises into the telecommunications industry is a cover. The proportion of capital invested is 40% for China Mobile and 30% for China Unicom Telecom. There is no matter involving private capital

2. The tower joint venture plans to be listed in the third quarter. So far, the three companies have not reached substantive sharing content: wangxiaochu, chairman of Chinatelecom, disclosed that there is no other resource sharing and cooperation plan except for the establishment of the tower facility company

3. The separatist regimes of the three major telecom operators are serious, and vicious competition such as hand to hand combat among operators in many parts of the country is often staged. Now, let a subsidiary coordinate the three parent companies. Telecom personages privately told the author that it is difficult for China Mobile to control the tower company and access the base stations of China Telecom and China Unicom

4. Therefore, when the blade of the mixer hits it, the operator's engineer in charge of base station operation and maintenance also said in an interview with the author that due to the different systems and spectrum of the three major telecom operators, mutual interference and sharing are difficult to achieve. Taoxujun, deputy director of communication strategy of Nomura comprehensive research, said that each of the three operators has 3~4 networks with different systems, spectra and plans, which will generate signal interference between each other. Moreover, after the operators do not directly manage the network, it is difficult for the tower company alone to improve the network coverage and optimization enthusiasm

however, it is strange that the top management of China Mobile and China telecom support the tower company

wangxiaochu said at the shareholders' meeting that Chinatelecom, China Mobile and China Unicom established a tower facility company to avoid repeated construction of facilities, which will help reduce the capital expenditure of the three major operators. Details of the establishment of the tower company are still under discussion, including equity distribution, when to introduce private capital, and details of renting the tower. With the strong support of governments at all levels in Jiangxi, the company will participate in the agreement of the international iron tower company to determine the cost of purchasing the iron tower and the rental fee

at the 2013 sustainable development report conference of China Mobile, the most important customer of LANXESS in high-performance plastic products in China's automotive industry, Dongxin, vice president of China Mobile, said in an interview with the author that the tower company can also use this standard experimental condition to check the system during the use process, which is conducive to co construction and sharing. However, at present, China Mobile has only discussed the establishment of iron tower joint ventures with other operators, and has not made joint ventures in other infrastructure

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