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EMG China, the world's leading B2B public relations and market communication consulting company, has further expanded its business scale in China to support the growing customers and business volume. Recently, it has just completed the expansion and decoration of its Shanghai office and has a number of new employees, Further expanded its service team in China

rooted in the Netherlands, yimeiji is committed to providing international market communication services for world-class chemical and technology enterprises. In the past 20 years, yimeiji has established a unique position in the plastics, chemical, coating and related downstream industries. Since entering China in 2004, yimeiji has provided a series of international well-known customers with high-quality services in the above fields with its rich experience. " At the upcoming 2011 International Rubber and plastic exhibition, yimeiji has created the best exhibition plan for more than 10 important exhibitors

"China's public relations industry has now entered a golden period, and global attention is focused on China. The voice of domestic and foreign enterprises in China to vigorously develop the technology of plastic granulator utilizing renewable energy and industrial waste heat has also been transmitted to the world through the efforts of public relations companies and close cooperation with the media. With the evolution and increasingly complex market, the competition has become more intense. Enterprises will pay more and more attention to brand communication in the B2B field, In order to better improve the visibility of the enterprise and finally achieve the effect of standing out. " Helen ha wuter, general manager of yimeiji Shanghai, said that her shares will have a pair of capital wings. "This time, the business scale of yimeiji has been further expanded. In addition to a number of new employees, it has also increased investment in internal support and operation systems, which will help to improve the service ability and quality of our customer service, innovative public relations strategy and high-quality public relations activities."

in order to express good wishes and expectations for the future, all employees of yimeiji drove to Chongming Dongtan Wetland Park on the introduction day (April 22) here in the world earth. They cooperated tacitly and planted saplings symbolizing the vigorous development of yimeiji. At the same time, this is another "green action" since yimeiji successfully held the "green communication customer media exchange meeting" at the beginning of the year

"yimeiji has a continuous commitment and investment in China. With our rich international service experience and effective public relations strategy, we believe that we can meet the increasing professional communication service needs of B2B customers in China." John Gallagher, general manager and global customer director of yimeiji China, said

about EMG public relations consulting company

EMG is a world leading market communication and media relations consulting company with rich experience in the B2B field. The company has in-depth understanding and long-term experience in customer products and industrial markets to help customers implement a comprehensive market communication plan from planning to implementation. Yimeiji was founded in 1991, headquartered in the Netherlands, with branches and service networks all over the world. In Asia, e-mail has branches in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore

in China, the service fields of yimeiji mainly include: Plastics and chemical industry, automobile, high technology, electronics and semiconductors, building materials, packaging, biotechnology and life sciences. Most of the customers are large and medium-sized multinational enterprises, such as PPG industries, Dow, Thermo Fisher, Clariant, Honeywell, Eastman, Solutia, SGL, Perstorp, Milliken, etc

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