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The business exchange meeting of SINOTRUK trump southwest dump truck dealers

the business exchange meeting of SINOTRUK trump southwest dump truck dealers

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august is the harvest season, and the autumn wind blows everyone's confident face. On August 19, Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. in Kunming, Yunnan warmly held a dealer business exchange meeting in the southwest region of SINOTRUK trump dump project with the theme of "moving forward with warm hearts and pursuing dreams with one heart". At that time, the leaders of trump, Mr. Zhang, Mr. Shi, Mr. Qian, and Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. can act as the acting general manager for our machines, and Mr. Wang attended the meeting together

the business exchange meeting of SINOTRUK's flagship dump truck dealers in Southwest China was divided into two halves. The meeting officially started at 8:30 am. In the morning, it mainly focused on the business training. At this time, the oil return valve should be closed. It focused on the 17 year flagship product technology rectification, the five product selling points of engineering dump country, and the five product selling points of Yunnei power country, At the same time, Mr. Huang publicized and implemented the operation of the southwest regional project dump business in the first half of the year and the objectives and strategies in the second half of the year. The afternoon was dominated by business exchanges. The participating dealers spoke freely and made warm speeches and communication on the problems existing in the business operation at this stage. The leaders at the meeting answered all kinds of questions raised by the dealers one by one and said that they should carefully analyze and study all the problems and give reasonable solutions

at the meeting, the improvement of product performance and process performance was combined with President Qian as the technical center. In terms of products, it was emphasized that while doing a good job of market research, we should pay more attention to our own problems, first refine the existing products, and then expand the new products and new markets. Mr. Shi then made a speech to thank the major dealers in the southwest region for their support over the years, and explained and encouraged them one by one in terms of products, sales management, policy fulfillment, household risk, etc. Finally, president Zhang summarized the meeting, and we will implement and take seriously the opinions and suggestions put forward by the dealers; Trump cars are indeed a brand worthy of trust, and the prospect of trump cars is immeasurable. The establishment of a wolf like general team will not stop until the goal is achieved. The main performance: each load can only reach a certain load, so as to be the first in the country. To build an international trump car, dealers will wait and see! At 5:30 p.m., the meeting came to a successful conclusion

this meeting not only solved many problems between the ace company and the dealers, but also deepened and consolidated everyone's feelings and future path. Everyone spoke freely, made in-depth exchanges on products, prices and company management, and finally achieved satisfactory results. Just as the theme of this conference is "moving forward with warm hearts & pursuing dreams with one heart", we take every detail seriously, go all out to face all kinds of difficulties and challenges, and expect each of us to realize our dreams and have a rainbow like future! (this article is from sinotruk)

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