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On October, 2011, the 2011 East China Printing Exhibition held by Sanxin group will be grandly opened in Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 300 well-known printing equipment and consumables suppliers at home and abroad will gather at this grand event to present the latest technologies and processes to meet all production needs of packaging and printing enterprises. The exhibition attracted the active participation of many printing equipment and consumables suppliers in the industry, including many international well-known enterprises. Beiren Co., Ltd. will also join hands with 2011 East China Printing Exhibition to show beiren's equipment achievements in the printing field to people in the printing and packaging industry at home and abroad

according to the information from the East China area of beiren company, beiren Co., Ltd. will grandly launch its new equipment in this exhibition, including beiren 2920e split multi-color lithography press, which is the equipment launched by beiren to adapt to the packaging and book printing market under the new situation

Beiren Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. has a history of producing offset printing machinery for more than 50 years. It is the largest offset printing machine manufacturer in China and one of the top 500 Chinese industries. It is one of the first nine enterprises listed overseas in China and has six offset printing machine manufacturing bases. Beiren's offset printing machine manufacturing technology is closely connected with international advanced technology. It has dozens of technical patents and has always maintained the highest level of domestic offset printing machine technology. Over the years, beiren have paid close attention to the East China market. This exhibition will show the new offset press series favored by the East China market. Among them, belren 2, we are willing to work with the Malaysian side on the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence. The 920e folio two-color lithography press is a newly launched unit type folio two-color sheet fed offset press. It takes the 08 machine, which has been tested in the market and highly praised by users, as the technical platform. The structure is mature and stable. The operation of the super capacitor has the advantages of both battery and traditional capacitor. The double diameter embossing cylinder is especially suitable for books and periodicals and packaging and printing

the product has the following structure and is mainly composed of five parts: features:

1. Double diameter impression cylinder ensures the handover after printing, and is easy to control the print quality

2. The plate cylinder adopts the positioning pin plate loading and fast plate drawing mechanism, and the second color group adds the electric plate drawing function to shorten the plate calibration time and improve the production efficiency

3. The whole machine adopts pneumatic water and ink separation mechanism, which reduces labor intensity and has a high degree of automation

4. Single side precise pressure regulation is adopted. The printing pressure can be adjusted only by turning the pressure regulator at the operating side, so that the adjustment time after replacing the paper is shortened

5. The paper transfer mechanism adopts a downward swinging paper transfer mechanism, which is driven by a conjugate cam to ensure the accuracy of repeated overprint of printed products

6. This series of products are divided into two types: ordinary water wetting configuration and wangzhonghui said alcohol wetting configuration for customers to choose

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