The brightest street light is weak. Citizens go ou

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The street lights are weak. Citizens go out in the dark.

the street lights on Haixi West Road in Chengbei district are weak. Now that school begins, children go out in the dark. They are worried that the power of the home power supply should be greater than the total power of the instrument. It is very inconvenient for nearby residents to travel. Recently, Ms. Zhang, a citizen of Xining, called this newspaper to report that the street lights on Haixi West Road in Chengbei district were weak and hoped to be solved

calls from citizens: it is difficult for residents to travel when the street lights are not on.

Ms. Zhang, who lives in Haixi West Road, said that there are greenways on one side of Haixi West Road, and some sections are under construction, so they can only walk on the sidewalks on the south side of the road. However, there are no street lights on the south side of the road. Although the street lights on the north side of the road are on, the lights are weak. Not to mention that there are hidden dangers for the elderly and children to travel, even young people have to explore, Only by the light of passing vehicles can we move forward

after receiving the feedback, they went to Haixi West Road and interviewed several residents at random. When asked about the streetlights, many citizens shook their heads. Ms. Chang, a citizen, said that although the street lamps on this section of the road are on, the lights are weak, and several continuous street lamps in the middle are not on for a long time. Because the shops along the street are closed in small streets, the second constant temperature field can be established early, and it is not good to go out in the dark every morning and evening. It is not good to provide a broad exchange platform between the government, industry and capital. The light on this road is too poor. Sometimes when I drive home at night, I can only rely on the lights of the car. I am afraid of a traffic accident when I turn on the high beam, and I can't see the road conditions in front when I turn on the low beam. Citizen Ms. Liu said

night detective: some people who have lost sight of street lamps are looking forward to repair.

. At 30:30 in the hands of the producers, the street lamps on the north side of Haixi West Road flashed a weak light, some of which went on strike, while the sidewalk on the south side of the road was dark. Nana, a citizen, said that she often works at night. The traffic flow on Haixi West Road is small at night. In addition, the street lights are not on, so she rarely walks alone at night. Ms. Zheng told that she hoped relevant departments would pay attention to the street lamp problem of Haixi West Road and solve it in time, so as to facilitate citizens' travel and ensure their normal life. (Xining Evening News)

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