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Reflective heat insulation coating is a new type of coating product that is easy to spray and has a long service life. It can replace the traditional heat and sound insulation materials. Zhisheng Weihua's unique non-toxic and environment-friendly formula ensures that zs-221 sunscreen and heat insulation coating can achieve the best effect in the temperature environment of -30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃

heat reflective thermal insulation coating is an energy-saving functional coating that can improve the reflection of solar heat radiation, reduce solar heat absorption, and play a role in heat insulation and cooling. Heat reflective thermal insulation coating is a new type of cooling and energy-saving material, which can be well protected from sun, temperature and heat. It is easy to brush and has good energy-saving effect. At present, Zhisheng Weihua, a large well-known domestic manufacturer, has studied the thermal insulation coating earlier, and its performance is relatively brushed. It has a wide range of applications in China. Zs-221 Zhisheng sunscreen and thermal insulation coating of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua company can reduce the surface temperature of objects by more than 20 ℃. Jinan Shijin can reduce the temperature by more than 3 ℃ in cloudy days and nights or be reduced to the same as the atmospheric temperature on the basis of improving the skills of masters, and the thermal reflection and thermal insulation effect is obvious. Zs-221 sunscreen and heat insulation coating of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua company has a good waterproof and anti leakage effect on objects painted with small cracks. In addition, the coating is smooth and flat after brushing, with good hydrophobicity and self-cleaning performance, so the normal temperature cooling coating is a new sunscreen, heat insulation, energy-saving and long-life coating with high-efficiency cooling and thin-layer decoration. Since the president of the European Central Bank said that loose money is still needed to raise the inflation rate to the target level, it is clean, waterproof, moisture-proof, UV aging proof, acid and alkali resistant and corrosion-resistant in a college and scientific research institution. Applying Zhisheng zs-221 heat reflection and heat insulation coating to the surface of the coated object can make the temperature of the object rise lower under strong solar radiation, and the stronger the solar radiation, the greater the temperature difference of the object rise, thus reducing the harm of solar radiation to a great extent

in the practical application of the grain depot, the temperature determined by the weather on the day of the test is 36 ℃, and the time is between 14:00 and 15:00. The surface temperature of the grain depot coated with zs-221 sunscreen and thermal insulation coating is measured at the same position as that without coating. The difference between the surface temperature of the grain depot and the internal temperature of the grain depot is 28 ℃ and 8 ℃. The personnel of the grain depot reflect that such a temperature will play an effective role in the safe storage of grain and delaying the process of grain fission. Sinopec Chemical used more and more oil tanks in the area to be coated with zs-221 reflective thermal insulation paint. The weather on that day determined the temperature of 38 ℃. Test results the external temperature of the tank with solar heat reflection coating is 45 ℃, the external temperature of the tank without coating is 67 ℃, the temperature difference is 22 ℃, and the cooling effect is obvious

reflective thermal insulation coating has changed the method of thermal insulation and protection of object surfaces by engineers in industries, ships, civil housing construction and other fields. It is specially developed for energy-saving and thermal insulation of residential houses, offices, plain board houses, warehouses, freight trailers, containers, pressure vessels, coolers, breeding houses and animal sheds. Zs-221 sunscreen and thermal insulation coating shall be stored against direct sunlight. Appropriate antifreeze measures shall be taken in winter. The storage temperature is 5~40 ℃. Under sealed conditions, the coating has good stability and a shelf life of 10 months

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