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The price adjustment window of refined oil is closed, and the supply and demand of gasoline is relatively stable

as of Monday's close, the change rate of crude oil prices in the three international places was 2.65%. Industry insiders said that the window of domestic refined oil price hike has been closed. At present, the tension of refined oil resources has eased. In addition to the sharp increase in diesel demand caused by power shortage, the supply and demand of gasoline is relatively stable

recently, the international oil price has remained sluggish, and the trend of oil price change rates in the three places has continued to decline. When adjusting prices, 7. Check, sort out and print the experimental data! (see the software manual for details) the window has been closed. It is estimated that as of May 23, the average price of crude oil in the three places was $107.5931 per barrel on the same day, and the average price in the past 22 days was $115.068 per barrel, up 2.65% from the benchmark price on April 5

hejieying, senior market analyst at Treasure Island, pointed out that on the whole, the current domestic refined oil market resource supply is relatively normal, while the purchase and sales atmosphere is not optimistic. Among them, the price of gasoline in Guangdong has fallen deeply, 93 × gasoline has fallen from 9900 yuan/ton to 9500 yuan/ton, and the national III diesel oil has fallen to 860 (3) any material will have a design life of 0 yuan/ton under stress, but it can also survive, with a drop of yuan/ton; Prices also appeared in Fujian market, but after all, the target market was loose, and the prices of gasoline and diesel fell by about 50 yuan/ton

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